May 2022
Körber conquers supply chain complexity

Körber conquers supply chain complexity

Combining 12 software and automation companies with a footprint spanning six continents requires collaboration on a grand scale – aligning ideas, processes and operations to ensure each organization can integrate flawlessly into one united business.

The newly unified company must differentiate itself from its past and serve as a standard bearer for solutions of the future.

That’s the challenge Körber Supply Chain faced as the supply chain solutions provider combined a dozen brands under its flagship banner. It needed a message reflecting its cohesive benefits, plus a unique strategy for bringing that message to life. The company turned to Arketi Group to translate vision into reality.

Laying the groundwork

Following our proven process for developing compelling B2B messaging, Arketi launched the engagement with a meeting of the minds by conducting two Unearth workshops in Bad Nauheim, Germany. These workshops brought together a cross-section of Körber executives and stakeholders to explore business objectives, competitors, differentiators and the unique pillars that support Körber’s global supply chain leadership.

We then interviewed a range of Körber partners and customers to understand their needs, concerns, pain points and business drivers. We also researched Körber’s competitors inside and out to understand the message each was trying to own.

Our North Star throughout this process was to find gaps in the supply chain conversation. Based on our interviews and research, one common thread became clear: every supply chain is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Using our research and learnings, we generated a spectrum of messages and pressure tested them with potential buyers to gauge their interest and response. The winner was Körber’s new tagline: “Conquer Supply Chain Complexity.”

This tagline represents Körber’s promise to create highly tailored solutions for any supply chain, regardless of geography, industry, process, challenge or otherwise. The next step was breathing life into this soon-to-be familiar message and sharing it with the world.

Bringing the message to life

Körber launched the new message at its Elevate user conference in March 2020 – a week before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world into widespread lockdown. Suddenly, Körber was forced to adjust its own operations, while continuing to provide customers with solutions to keep the global supply chain moving and employees safe.

Arketi had to pivot, too. With trade shows cancelled and in-person meetings postponed, we had to find new ways to keep customers and partners engaged while staying six feet (or much further) apart from each other.

Enter the Körber Master Class Series. Drawing on the tagline for inspiration, we developed a forum for supply chain leaders to discuss and learn more about the most pressing supply chain complexities. The series would be conducted through a range of free webinars available through a new microsite enabling users to watch previous sessions and learn about Körber.

In working with Körber to define success for the Master Class Series, together, we aimed to launch nine Master Class editions featuring five sessions each within only three months. After all, a big idea should be backed by big goals.

How we got it done

Arketi started by planning the logistics around the Master Classes. Each of the series would consist of five 30-minute classes spread across three weeks and feature guests such as leading academics, industry insiders and technology experts.

Of course, any good class needs a great professor, and we researched top supply chain university programs worldwide to find hosts who could keep the conversation lively and informative. Körber was delighted Thomas Goldsby of The University of Tennessee Knoxville and Dr. Julia Arlinghaus of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg agreed to lead the English language and German language series, respectively.

With the schedule and content developed, it was time to get the word out. Together with Körber, we designed and built a bilingual microsite containing all series, class and contributor information, as well as registration forms and contact info.

This microsite served as the homebase for our multi-touch marketing campaign to drive registrations, including pre- and post-event emails sent through Marketo, social media and social boosting.

We also contracted with a leading supply chain publisher to help reach our target audience of 100,000 prospective attendees. The publisher ran a series of banner ads, dedicated email blasts and sponsored content in four of its outlets, including Logistics Management and Modern Materials Handling.

The Master Class Series was structured so each webinar would run for 30 minutes at most. This made the time commitment manageable for attendees, while also giving them the opportunity to ‘binge’ the series as their schedule allowed. The compelling content and fast-paced setting gave potential customers and partners a reason to return for more.

The bottom line

The Master Class Series earned an A+. Featuring a total of 45 webinars, the program generated significant attention for Körber across its customer and prospect base.

Our campaign also exceeded expectations, securing more than 4,500 registrants and close to a 50% attendance rate. The microsite alone attracted 63,000+ page views.

Customers and partners took note of how Körber could help them conquer supply chain complexity. And Körber continues to work with Arketi to further establish its position as a leader in the global supply chain marketplace. Launched in the Summer of 2020, Körber’s Master Class Series is ongoing and serves as an archive of the company’s thought leadership and supply chain expertise.



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