November 2020
Mobile Labs’ new website drives lead generation growth

Mobile Labs’ new website drives lead generation growth

When software developers need to ensure their apps and websites perform flawlessly on every kind of mobile device, they turn to Mobile Labs’ best-in-class mobile testing and development solution.

Ironic, then, that Mobile Labs’ own website was years old and far from mobile-friendly.

Worse, the site was visually unappealing, difficult to navigate and wasn’t generating the sales leads the company desired. Mobile Labs needed a website as slick and powerful as their testing solutions, and engaged Arketi to create a responsive site, refresh their branding and streamline the user experience.

How we did it

Arketi began with a half-day “Unearth” session with the Mobile Labs team to identify key points of differentiation to hone the website experience and brand redesign. Next, we researched Mobile Labs’ competitors, analyzing their websites for gaps in their market messaging, and to determine strengths and weaknesses to improve upon.

Persona research showed that Mobile Labs’ audience – app developers worldwide – is always dealing with two major questions: “Are we ready?” (to launch our mobile app) and “Are we still ready?” (to address ongoing app update testing.) The Arketi team decided to channel website user flow based on these questions. We also offered visitors three ways to visit the site: by “vision,” to address executives at a high level; by “need,” to speak to developers and testers; and by “role,” to create a personalized experience.

Arketi then worked on refreshing the Mobile Labs brand, starting with a comprehensive message platform that expresses clearly, simply and concisely who Mobile Labs is, why users should care, and the value Mobile Labs offers. To complement the new message, we developed new branding featuring a bold color palette, color wash overlays and relatable real-life imagery.

Our development team got to work building a site optimized for high performance – achieving sub-second page load times – along with streamlined usability designed to guide users along a conversion path. The end result is an engaging, interactive site that performs beautifully across devices of all kinds.

In parallel, Arketi and Mobile Labs collaborated to ensure the web content reflected the new message platform, and spoke to the target audience’s concerns. This involved allocating existing content and creating supplementary calls-to-actions for lead capture, as well as following best practices for online form capture.

The results we achieved

We successfully deployed Mobile Labs’ new, responsive website with zero business hour downtime. The results were almost instantaneous.

Thanks to the site’s much improved user experience, requests for a demo jumped an incredible 7-fold in the first month after deployment.

Measuring the website’s SEO performance using our key metrics scorecard, we saw the its score almost double, with gains due to multiple factors, including improved calls-to-action, stronger blog posts, optimized page titles and descriptions, significant speed improvements, better technical set-up and site architecture – and of course being mobile-friendly.



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