September 2021
Summer Bucket of Fun faves

Summer Bucket of Fun faves

All good things must come to an end. For now. Alas, Arketi Group’s Summer Bucket of Fun (#SBOF) has gone into hibernation until next spring, and we’ll miss the bright yellow pail dearly.

What is #SBOF, you ask? Every Monday, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, one lucky Arketi team member pulls a slip of paper out of the bright yellow bucket … oh, the anticipation!

Will it be Shorts Day (yikes!), trivia, mini-cornhole, an afternoon off or some other hijinks? Winners sometimes, but not always, receive a “major award” – something as awesome as a mini lint brush, or perhaps a gift card supporting a local business. You just never know.

Check out some of our 2021 SBOF favorites. See, Arketi isn’t all work and no play – at least not all of the time!

Micky: Drum Circle

It truly was a beautiful noise when Arketi folks met in the park adjacent to our office for our first drum circle. We showed that this well-honed machine has no problem creating awesome rhythm, despite a lack of formal drum training by many. A great activity that certainly earned a place in the #SBOF Hall of Fame!

Jackie: #balancednotbusy

Anytime a speaker can include a clip of the iconic I Love Lucy chocolate factory scene is a win for me. Blogger, speaker and podcaster, Ciji Townsend – also a long-time Arketi client with Cox Business – brought more than humor to her recent presentation to the Arketi team.

Ciji shared real-world insights and practical ways to remove the busyness that can often consume our daily activities to focus more on the balance that helps us become more productive, less stressed and feeling more centered. Ciji provided strategies we can use to become better human beings, not just human doers. Check out Ciji’s webpage at Balanced Not Busy to learn more.

Lauren: Peachtree Creek Greenway

A relaxing and energizing way to start the day. I loved learning about the wildlife (otters and turtles and more!) that has moved back into the area. And I admire the work the City of Brookhaven and volunteers put in to pull tires and trash from the creek – turning it into the sparkling, calming waterway it is today. I can’t wait to see how the Greenway continues to grow.

Star: Arketi Open (aka putt-putt)

A couple hours down I-20 from us, the Masters at Augusta National draws the best of golf’s best to town. The same can be said for the Arketi Open. This annual one-day championship always presents a challenging course, and this year was no exception.

Despite plenty of obstacles, including Xote the Donkey, I was able to sink three holes in one (and won!). The tournament definitely tested one’s short game, and I’m grateful I was able to work on it in the off-season. Looking forward to seeing what the course has in store for us at the 2022 Arketi Open!

Destiny: Christmas in July

Christmas is such a special time of the year, and it’s double the fun when it comes to work in midsummer! Since many of us couldn’t celebrate a traditional Christmas last year, this SBOF treasure has me already looking forward to December. Seeing everyone’s desks decorated brightened my workday and brought me closer to my coworkers as we celebrated together. You can’t have a bad day if you’re in the Christmas spirit!

Kaylee: Art with Mike

This treasure brought out the Bob Ross in each of us. Using only the letters in our names, we all created beautiful masterpieces … depending on who you ask. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, anyway.

Adam: VRketi

On our Virtual Reality Day, many of us made a first foray into the virtual medium with the popular game “Beat Saber.” Using handheld (virtual) lightsabers, we sliced through a variety of blocks to the rhythm of the song played. While from the outside, we looked like crazy people wearing giant goggles, on the inside, our inner rave Jedi was awakened! And, oh yeah, I won!

Grant: Houseparty

After splitting into teams, everyone joined the same “house” on the Houseparty app. Once in the room, the teams tested their mettle in trivia, charades and other games. A great way to see who knew their stuff and who the true communicators are!

Elizabeth: Ohhh, Pink Out

In SBOF’s final week, Arketi team members donned pink to help raise money for Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) CEO Larry Williams’ #RealMenWearPink fundraising initiative! We were thrilled to donate toward Larry’s efforts to help the American Cancer Society fight breast cancer.

See ya next year SBOF

No matter what kind of week it’s been, an Arketi #SBOF event always makes it a bit better. From sundae bars to Hawaiian shirt day to cutting out early for a holiday weekend – we know how to cut up and inject some silliness and camaraderie-building into the workweek.

Notice, though, that nobody picked Shorts Day as their favorite. Can you imagine why?



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