January 2024
Why marketers should follow the Rule of Seven

Why marketers should follow the Rule of Seven

Producing engaging, insightful content is a top challenge for B2B marketers. Tools like generative AI may enable us to pump out a blog series in less than a minute, but that does not mean the ideas shared are valuable or worthwhile. Prompt engineering can only take us so far.

Close to 70% of B2B buyers engage with content before they ever reach out to a salesperson. These buyers expect more than tried-and-true best practices. It takes fresh ideas and emerging trends to capture their attention.

But the time and resources needed to produce such thought leadership can feel insurmountable. From blogs and bylines to videos and animations, marketers have an endless number of channels to utilize, formats to consider, and stakeholders to address. 

At Arketi, we believe a great piece of content should never stand alone. So, rather than being published and forgotten about, make it your New Year’s resolution to follow the Rule of Seven and realize the full value of your content! 


Marketers know to tailor their communications and campaigns for the right audience – but do they know how to tailor them for the right generation?

With an increasing number of Millennials transitioning to the c-suite, and a Gen Z cohort right behind them, we are conducting fresh research on generational preferences and how they impact the B2B technology buying process.

Our previous study upturned much of the conventional wisdom about influences and influencers in the buying cycle. Make sure your perspective is reflected in our research using the link below.

Crafting the content strategy

Consider, for example, the hefty white paper. This particular asset is data-heavy, combines original and external research, and is often supplemented with case studies or detailed checklists on how to make use of the findings.

Done right, a white paper requires significant time, resources, and money. The lead writer might even interview several in-the-know sources to polish off the finished product.

You now have a carefully crafted 2,000-3,000-word masterpiece — one that will grab your prospect’s attention as they check emails and drink their morning coffee.

Is that the end of your months-long project? Not with the Rule of Seven!

Think bigger

The Rule of Seven encourages you to look beyond a singular piece of content and view it holistically. Consider, again, the white paper. More often than not, this robust asset is capable of being converted into (at least seven) different formats to meet the needs of several audiences.

Some of your readers have only two minutes to spare, and a succinct social post or video summary is all they have time to review. Others are more graphic-oriented and want lots of images to draw them in. Yet another set of readers will devour the white paper entirely and possibly even look to you as a subject matter expert on the topic.

To make the most of your content production and reach a wider audience, convert that white paper into:

  • An infographic containing eye-catching graphics, short paragraphs, and bullet points for those who want summaries of your findings.
  • Social media posts that are succinct and perhaps a bit cheeky. Remember, your voice should also match the platform.
  • Blog posts. Perhaps the white paper covers enough information for an entire series, which can then offer even more detail. For example, if your cornerstone content is about cybersecurity breaches, one post could dive into phishing, another on ransomware attacks, and yet another on the pros and cons of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work.
  • An e-book with attention-grabbing visuals, pull quotes, and summaries taken from the blog posts or other assets.
  • Webinars in which subject matter experts (SMEs) host sessions to discuss white paper findings. Round them out with a 10-minute Q&A at the end and send the e-book as a follow-up takeaway.
  • Videos that break up the cornerstone content into 30-second how-to-do-this or avoid-these descriptions. You get the picture.

We often like to say, “if your content can’t be converted into at least seven assets, you’re not thinking big enough!”


2023 was an eventful year for Arketi as we continued to elevate our team and strive for marketing and PR excellence alongside our B2B technology clients.

Last year, we not only launched our product marketing practice, but we also delivered impactful results that enabled our clients to grow their business, capture more revenue, and engage customers.

With the start of 2024, we took a look back at some of Arketi’s “top hits” from 2023. We hope you enjoy!

No need to reinvent the wheel

Bombarded by a nonstop flow of information and media, buyers’ attention spans are short. 15 seconds, 20 seconds, five minutes — the exact time varies person-to-person, but all marketers know the struggle of cutting through the noise to ensure your message is heard.

The Rule of Seven is all about diversifying your content so it can reach and engage audiences, regardless of channel or format. The content you put out costs plenty. So, rather than using it once and putting it on the proverbial shelf, rinse and repeat. Repurpose cornerstone content a minimum of seven times.

We guarantee — you’ll see more bang for your buck this way. And not only will you streamline how you produce content, but you’ll also reach a wider audience of buyers.



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