Xerox: positioning the power of collaboration

Since 2002, Xerox Mortgage Services has redefined the mortgage industry with BlitzDocs, its software-as-a-service solution that manages the flow of paper and electronic documents as a loan moves from origination through post-closing.

Arketi Group has worked with Xerox Mortgage Services since they were a startup, and we have repositioned the company several times. In the early days, when the concept was new, we helped them establish a positioning as a “paperless” solution provider. Once that term was adopted by competitors, the positioning changed to “the most widely-used collaborative document network.” Most recently, we helped position BlitzDocs as an “intelligent collaboration” solution that includes eMortgage capabilities with the flexibility to handle both paper and electronic loan documents.



With a strong positioning and message in place, Arketi moved on to develop thought leadership content to support Xerox Mortgage Services’ lead generation efforts.

The content we’ve developed ranges from white papers and case studies to surveys and blogs – all of which are used as calls-to-action on the website and as leave-behinds for the sales team. Regular meetings with company executives help us stay attuned to the evolving marketplace dynamics and develop content that either supports industry trends or gives the same team ammunition to combat competitors and sales objections.

Another powerful content tactic is the survey. We have run surveys on Xerox Mortgage Services’ behalf about the mortgage industry’s progress in going paperless and the adoption of eMortgage technology. The survey findings are compiled into infographics and chart-heavy reports that we use to generate media coverage and as calls-to-action in lead generation.

Thought leadership pieces like these can also drive traffic at industry events. In addition to designing booth graphics and PowerPoint presentations, we draft speaker and award submissions that help Xerox Mortgage Services get noticed at these tradeshows.

In addition, for the entirety of our relationship with Xerox Mortgage Services, we have been responsible for designing, maintaining and writing the content for their website. We also manage ongoing email marketing campaigns, including promotional and thought leadership communications with prospects and clients. In our in-house studio, we create short videos as call-to-actions for emails about industry trends and changes, further promoting the expertise of Xerox Mortgage Services’ executive team.

Sales revenues grew more than 1,000%

Sales revenues grew more than 1,000%

Positioned Xerox as a thought leader eMortgage industry

Positioned Xerox as a thought leader eMortgage industry

Marketing helped company grow from start-up to Fortune 500

Marketing helped company grow from start-up to Fortune 500


Since we started working together, Xerox Mortgage Services’ revenues have grown more than 1,000%. Considering the turmoil the mortgage industry has been through in recent years, this continuous growth is testament to the impact marketing can have when combined with innovative technology.

At ten years and counting, Arketi’s work for Xerox Mortgage Services continues to deliver quantifiable results that help the company meet its business objectives.

“Arketi Group has consistently helped us navigate our dynamic and challenging marketplace. With Arketi’s strategic messaging capabilities and marketing programs, we’ve transitioned through all of the challenges of going from a startup to being part of a $22 billion company.”

Nancy Alley, VP & General Manager, XEROX MORTGAGE SERVICES

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