Georgia Tech Research Institute

For more than 80 years, the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) had been delivering highly-regarded applied research primarily to government and industry. GTRI, a nonprofit institute, recently decided to make a strategic move, maintaining their traditional line of business with government and industry, while expanding to new markets in the private sector.


However, the GTRI “story” was complex and the institute needed a way to address commercial audiences – without alienating its existing government customers. With a history of innovation and positive, sometimes unexpected or surprising outcomes, GTRI had a strong story to tell.


To help GTRI formulate its unique positioning, Arketi Group began with a series of formal sessions to explore what truly makes GTRI’s capabilities so remarkable. We held an in-depth Unearth session with the institute’s senior management, and fielded an extensive questionnaire to dozens of lab directors, GTRI employees and board of advisors – all aimed at understanding the strengths of the organization, its attributes and culture.

With this research in hand, we developed a positioning platform based on GTRI’s unique differentiators, and focused on the target audiences and influencers important to GTRI. A second online survey and some in-depth interviews were used to elicit GTRI employee feedback on the new positioning.

This process soon led to the concept of Problem. Solved. as a succinct and compelling way of expressing the essence of what GTRI has been doing since 1934 – solving highly complex, technical problems. Positive, active, flexible and extensible, the tagline Problem. Solved. conveys the exceptional expertise found within GTRI, and speaks to the needs of both government and commercial entities.

This new positioning and messaging was the platform GTRI needed to launch its new business development strategy. The tagline and messaging platform are now used in all aspects of marketing, including the institute’s new website, print and online collateral, posters, newsletters and annual report. Arketi also helped GTRI develop infographics that showcase the institute’s unique problem-solving processes.

New message speaks to  industry and government

New message speaks to industry and government

Revenues increased in first 12 months

Revenues increased in first 12 months

Improved focus and  efficiency of sales process

Improved focus and efficiency of sales process


In the first 12 months after the new messaging was launched, GTRI saw a 42% increase in revenue. The clear, concise messaging and vertical market focus also helped GTRI increase its sales process consistency and efficiency, generating improved results all round.

RECOGNITION In addition to these business benefits, the repositioning exercise received several accolades, including two Phoenix Awards from the Public Relations Society of America and a Silver Quill from the International Association of Business Communicators.

“ Arketi Group really helped us home in on our value proposition and the markets we wanted to reach with that messaging. Their strategic development added definition and differentiation to the consistent delivery for all GTRI marketing initiatives.”

Director of Communications – GA Tech Research Institute

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