Following more than a decade of growth and numerous acquisitions, Convergys had become a company with varied and seemingly unrelated lines of business. This created confusion both internally and externally as to what kind of company Convergys was, whom the company targeted, and what it had to offer.

After an extensive search, Convergys selected Arketi Group to help them articulate the value the company brings to its markets. 


Cincinnati-based Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) provides solutions that help companies drive greater value from the interactions they have with both their customers and their employees. With 75,000 employees in 85 contact centers across the North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Convergys delivers relationship management consulting and solutions to clients in more than 70 countries and 35 languages. 

A member of the S&P 500, Convergys has been recognized as a Fortune Most Admired Company for eight consecutive years.

At this critical juncture, the marketing team recognized it was time to develop a powerful, clear, concise and descriptive brand positioning that tied the company’s collective expertise and experience together. They seized the opportunity to reposition Convergys for future success.


Recognizing that a successful positioning must resonate above all with the company’s customers, the Arketi-Convergys team first determined to ascertain 

  • how Convergys’ customers viewed the brand;
  • where customers wanted the company to be in the next five to ten years; and
  • what customers thought made Convergys a uniquely good choice for them.

Among the many views Arketi unearthed during this research process, one theme came up repeatedly: relationships. Convergys was known for delivering value by providing solutions that strengthened its customers’ relationships with their key constituents – their customers and their employees. 

This critical insight became the foundation of Convergys’ new positioning which, after much elaboration, refinement, testing and validation, took final form in the concept of Relationship Management.


When Convergys unveiled Relationship Management as its new positioning, the response was overwhelmingly positive, providing the Arketi-Convergys team with initial confirmation that they had succeeded – succeeded in giving the world a clear, concise and descriptive definition of what Convergys does; what unifies the company’s diverse lines of business; and what differentiates it from its competitors.

That was encouraging, but the team recognized that external acceptance was only half the battle. How well did Convergys’ employees understand the new positioning, and how did they feel about it? After all, these 75,000 individuals are the "ambassadors" responsible for bringing the message to the world.

The Convergys team therefore looked to answer this question in a quantitative fashion. In a survey completed by approximately 25 percent of the company's employees, a majority expressed confidence that the Relationship Management positioning differentiates Convergys from its competitors. More than four out of five felt the positioning adds long-term value to the Convergys brand.

The Convergys marketing team is now taking a truly integrated approach to marketing. All communications channels and efforts – sales support, advertising, online marketing, demand generation, public relations, event marketing and internal communications – are now aligned and executing on the concept of Relationship Management.


Arketi and Convergys have earned a number of industry awards for their work together, including:

Demand Generation

Public Relations Society of America Georgia Chapter Phoenix Award

Customer Marketing

Technology Marketing Excellence Award from TAG Marketing, a society of the Technology Association of Georgia

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