Brasfield & Gorrie: a whale of a project

Brasfield & Gorrie is one of the country’s largest commercial general contractors. 

The company is also responsible for building the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium – more than twice the size of any other in the United States.


To pay tribute to the vision, management and construction of this monumental space, Brasfield & Gorrie tasked Arketi Group to design and create a limited-edition commemorative book.

A largely pictorial representation of the project, the book was given as a gift to individuals involved in the construction of the aquarium, as well as national, state, local, civic and business leaders.


Over the course of the 30-month construction project, Brasfield & Gorrie had amassed nearly 13,000 photographs. Arketi pared this massive archive down to 540 images representing the construction process and the hundreds of people involved, along with behind-the-scenes images, architectural drawings and renderings of the building and its exhibits, as well as a series of aerial photographs showing the aquarium’s construction over the course of the project.

The book includes congratulatory letters from some of Georgia’s most notable leaders including Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, Atlanta Former Mayor Shirley Franklin and Aquarium benefactor Bernie Marcus. Arketi also crafted an 8,550-word essay, based on interviews with more than 14 key project contacts, discussing the unique experiences of building the Georgia Aquarium.

Bound in custom-dyed blue buffalo leather imported from Italy, the exceptional piece features an inset lenticular image on the front cover, which shows alternating views of the architects’ rendering of the aquarium’s front elevation and a photograph of the finished project.


The 216-page, one-of-a-kind, limited-edition book was produced in a single print run of only 750 individually numbered copies. The book also serves as a business development tool, showcasing Brasfield & Gorrie’s completion of this project, unlike any other in the world.

From start to finish, the project was completed in just 10 weeks, by a team of six at Arketi.


Brasfield & Gorrie has won two awards for this project developed by Arketi Group:

Publications – Books

Public Relations Society of America Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation


Public Relations Society of America Phoenix Award

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