Emerson–Flo Healthcare: The power of positioning

Flo Healthcare, a subsidiary of Emerson Corporation, develops wireless mobile clinical workstation solutions for the healthcare industry. Having evolved from a specialty wireless solutions company, Emerson-Flo Healthcare had implemented a rebranding campaign, which succeeded in differentiating the company – but without establishing a position that would allow them to compete and to gain market share. They urgently needed to differentiate from an increasingly large field of competitors.



To determine Emerson-Flo Healthcare’s unique position and what the company believed to be truly different about its solution, Arketi Group started with research – talking to customers and prospects.It quickly became clear the benefit they were most excited about was “making care better” – the ability for practitioners (clinicians) to spend more quality time with patients.

Based on this research we developed a new positioning statement: Improving connections. Improving care.

The idea is simple – a wireless mobile workstation improves connections, both between clinicians and patients, and between computers and medical records. And that in turn improves care through increased time with patients, improved quality of care, fewer errors, and a more responsive staff.

With the new positioning in-hand, we set about fleshing out the rest of the messaging; redesigning Emerson-Flo Healthcare’s logo and brand identity; and developing a completely new website, collateral, aggressive print advertising, trade show support, and sales support materials, including a powerful infographic which explains the role the company’s products play throughout the hospital.

Dramatically increased qualified leads

Dramatically increased qualified leads

Doubled revenue in the course of a year

Doubled revenue in the course of a year

Marketing helped facilitate acquisition by Emerson

Marketing helped facilitate acquisition by Emerson


The results of the new positioning have been extremely favorable. Internally, the new message and campaigns created an opportunity for the organization to rally around a message, a look and an identity. More importantly, Emerson-Flo Healthcare’s new messaging platform and branding focused on improving patient care resulted in significant increases in qualified leads, industry recognition, and revenue growth. The company exceeded its own internal projections, almost doubling revenue in the year after the repositioning.

RECOGNITION Besides its business value, Arketi Group’s marketing programs for Emerson-Flo Healthcare have won industry recognition, including two Technology Marketing Excellence Awards from the Technology Association of Georgia, a Phoenix Award from the Public Relations Society of America, and the Communicator Award for Print Media.


“Arketi Group was the right firm to help us in our highly competitive and rapidly changing market. They know how to get to what really matters – what will drive decision-makers and make a difference for our business.”

Tom Denmark, president & CEO – Flo Healthcare

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