PMG, a provider of business process automation software, was searching ways to capture more industry mind-share and media attention. Clearly, PR was called for… but how to stand out in a market full of noise?


PMG joined forces with Arketi Group to brainstorm a variety of different strategies, finally settling on the idea of a thought-leadership survey campaign that would focus on a major concern of its target audience, IT professionals: the proliferation of cloud solutions in the enterprise. 

Having just received significant industry recognition from Gartner Group, the team recognized the survey’s potential as the springboard for an aggressive PR push.

Working closely with PMG’s marketing and executive team, Arketi crafted a research premise for the survey that reflected the business objectives. 


As with any research program, Arketi started with the development of a research premise. This laid out the fundamentals of the program including the mission, key questions the project is seeking to address, target audience, research approach (survey), theme and possible questions.

Using Arketi’s survey campaign methodology, the team then performed a literature review to see what research had already been conducted on the survey topic: how cloud applications and services are making their way into the enterprise with and without IT approval. The team carefully evaluated the tone and frequency of “cloud” discussions in the IT community and identified “cloud sprawl” as a growing trend that could be leveraged.

With this knowledge in hand, a 36-question survey instrument was constructed and fielded to thousands of corporate IT professionals across North America. In return for completing the questionnaire, respondents were offered a copy of the survey findings – a great opportunity to benchmark oneself to one’s peers.

Within a few days, a statistically significant number of responses were received, and analysis of the results could begin. As the findings emerged, the Arketi team identified target media and pre-pitched the survey results, successfully garnering early interest in the survey results from major publications such as Baseline,Forbes and InfoWorld.

A survey findings news release was developed, along with a FastFacts SM report that visualized the key results in a colorful and easy-to-digest format. Included in the news release was a link to a landing page where the full report could be downloaded.

Once the news was released, aggressive media outreach and follow-up continued over the next eight weeks. In addition to a healthy dose of tenacity on the media relations front, PMG’s marketing automation savvy was also put into action to support the campaign.

The survey positioned PMG as the authority to discuss the importance of controlling cloud sprawl within the enterprise, and provided an opportunity to explain how its service catalog technology can be extended beyond the IT department to tackle business issues. 


More than 230 IT leaders completed the survey, which yielded more than 20 key data points. 

The campaign generated tremendous media coverage, successfully positioning PMG as an expert on a topic that is top-of-mind with many enterprise IT professionals today. The research secured 1,380,966 media impressions and eight positive key media stories across a “who’s who” of the tech media including Baseline, CIO, FierceCIO, Finance Tech News, Forbes, InfoWorld, IT Business Edge, Network World and TechRepublic

The media relations around the release of the findings delivered a cost-per-contact of $.0003. The release also earned coverage on more than 70 blogs and websites.

Email marketing campaigns and social media efforts drove hundreds of downloads of the survey report. Its results are also used as content for webinars and speaking engagements. Additionally, PMG distributes a printed version of the report at tradeshows and during the early stages of the buying process.


This campaign won industry recognition for the joint PMG-Arketi team.


Public Relations Society of America Phoenix Award

Writing - Trade/ Business News Release

Public Relations Society of America Phoenix Award

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