What do you do when you're off to a late start in planning your company's presence at the industry's most important conference?

For security software provider Stonesoft, the solution was obvious: turn to Arketi Group to drive booth traffic and generate leads.


As a provider of integrated network security and business continuity solutions, Stonesoft (now part of McAfee) is committed to helping its customers simplify complex security environments.

In attending the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Stonesoft expected to interact with new and qualified leads while further engaging in the network security community.

A number of factors caused the company to get a late start on planning for Black Hat, so it needed a quickly developed marketing strategy to take full advantage of the conference, which more than 6,000 people were expected to attend.

Stonesoft turned to Arketi Group to help drive booth traffic and generate leads. 


Since the conference was being held in Las Vegas, activities to drive traffic needed to break through a lot of noise. With that in mind, Arketi worked with Stonesoft to develop a conference theme, brainstorm high-demand giveaways, and support on-site events.

Arketi settled on a "zombie" theme, reasoning that this would have broad appeal to an IT security and hacker audience. "Zombie" is also the term used for a virus-infected computer – precisely the thing that Stonesoft's solutions protect against.

Arketi then brainstormed giveaways that complemented the theme and would draw attention, including:

  • Free limo rides between the airport and conference venue to make attendees’ trips more manageable and enjoyable.
  • Raffles for the much anticipated new iPad, casino coins and a one-year subscription to Stonesoft’s Virtual IPS solution.

Stonesoft also sponsored the Black Hat “pub crawl” and two “Hack the Lab” sessions. The two, three-hour “Hack the Lab” events allowed qualified attendees to try their hand at hacking into a simulated environment using the latest hacker techniques.

To promote these activities, on-site postcards, tabletop signage and email marketing were used. Stonesoft included security information in Black Hat’s Crawl email and sent emails to its database driving prospects to a zombie-themed landing page highlighting the “pub crawl,” the limo giveaway, the “Hack the Lab” events and the IPS software giveaway.

Arketi used a marketing automation tool to manage and track these online promotions, which provided visibility into opens, clicks and landing page form completions. Following the conference, Stonesoft sent personalized emails to booth visitors and event attendees. 


The results of the Black Hat campaign exceeded expectations.

  • The landing page received nearly 1,400 total views, with some 250 submissions.
  • More than 380 unique leads were scanned into Stonesoft’s lead retrieval device during the event.
  • Stonesoft representatives made more than 500 unique contacts.
  • More than 170 people attended the Stonesoft “pub crawl.”
  • More than 20 people registered for the “Hack the Lab” sessions.
  • Eighteen limo rides were given to qualified prospects.
  • Based on data from the marketing automation solution, at least one new customer and five opportunities were attributed to Black Hat.
  • Sales opportunities garnered at the event totaled close to a million dollars.


Arketi and Stonesoft earned this industry award for this campaign:

Marketing Business-to-Business Technology

Public Relations Society of America Phoenix Award

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