Cox Business: standing out in a crowded space

It’s tough enough standing out in a corporate space teeming with competitors. But try being Cox Business, whose “sexier” sister companies include the likes of Cox Communications, Cox Media Group and Cox Automotive.

So, when Cox Business, provider of voice, data and video services for more than 350,000 small and medium businesses (SMB), decided to jump into the spotlight and showcase its own authority, it recruited Arketi Group to help.

Cox Business wanted to be known as a company whose executives are industry experts and a trusted partner for growing SMBs. To launch this initiative, Arketi developed a thought leadership platform to generate awareness in Cox Business’ local markets, while also being relevant to national media focused on small business news. Key to this effort was finding trends and topics piquing the interest of SMBs.



SURVEY Through a survey, but first, the fun part – research. Arketi conducted a week-long literature review to identify unique-yet-relevant topics to be turned into survey questions. Topics such as what social causes businesses are supporting? Is female entrepreneurship being leveraged amid the #MetToo movement? And how are small businesses impacted by Amazon? The research process included defining the survey’s mission and whom should participate; and creating a timeline for execution.

Positioned Cox Business as a SMB thought leader

Positioned Cox Business as a SMB thought leader

Reached through media impressions

Reached through media impressions

Coverage in The WashingtonPost, Inc. and Newsday

Coverage in The WashingtonPost, Inc. and Newsday

Next, we conducted the annual Cox Business Consumer Sentiment survey to discover how, when, why and whether consumers support small businesses. We dangled these insightful carrots in front of the media – aiming for inclusion in at least one national story – while inserting Cox Business in the national conversation surrounding small business issues.

EXECUTION Using SurveyMonkey, Arketi captured responses of 1,000 U.S. customers and distilled the findings into the most compelling data points. We included these little gems in a press release and a unique infographic summary report. Timing is Everything And voila! We released Cox Business’ survey findings during Small Business Week.


“Our partnership with Arketi is strong because of the strategy and creativity the team brings to every engagement. Arketi understands the small business landscape and the opportunities we have to continue to grow our influence in this market. The real value the team brings comes from its ability to quickly grasp our objectives and act as an extension of our team.”

Todd Smith, Executive Director, Media Relations, COX Business

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Tech CMO Need-to-Knows

Arketi talked to the 50+ CMOs of technology companies who attended the seventh annual Tech CMO Roundtable. We asked them what matters, what’s missing, and what’s most important in their outlook for the coming year.

Here’s what they told us…


KAPOW! Arketi’s efforts exceeded campaign objectives as Cox Business found the spotlight: reaching nearly 61,874,026 people during the month of release. Its survey was included in The Washington Post (small business column), Inc. (a media outlet focused on small businesses) and Newsday. The headline in each of the three stories referred to the lead data point from the press release written by Arketi.

What’s more, the infographic summary report was shared by small business trade media including Small Biz Daily and The National Retail Federation STORES editor Susan Reda. Cox Business’ various market teams used the press release and infographic summary report to localize media outreach and secure coverage as well.

Lastly, Cox Business’ owned research/evaluation project won a Phoenix award from the Public Relations Society of America.