First Data: injecting life into an annual campaign

In anticipation of its National Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign, First Data was eager to inject energy into the annual event, and to understand how online security habits and fraud concerns differed among generations.

The global provider of electronic commerce solutions for merchants, financial institutions and card issuers called upon Arketi Group to bring some WOW into what could have been the same-old same-old. The joint team created a thought leadership campaign that captured the attention of internal and external stakeholders alike.



SURVEY SAYS Arketi conducted a literature review to understand what fraud and cyber security related research existed and to provide context for First Data’s study. From there, Arketi crafted a unique, 29-question survey. Its objectives were to:

  • position First Data as a thought leader in fraud and security;
  • use findings to drive internal and external PR campaigns;
  • capture 750 responses from different age groups; and
  • secure at least five media placements.
Website pageviews in month of survey release

Website pageviews in month of survey release

Social media impressions

Social media impressions

Sales leads, increasing revenue pipeline by millions

Sales leads, increasing revenue pipeline by millions

The survey was taken by a panel of employed North American consumers – an equal mix of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials. Arketi took the survey’s findings and crafted key trends that pinpointed generational differences; and came up with strategic insights for First Data’s marketing and PR team to use in campaigns.

INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC During National Cyber Security Awareness month in October, First Data released an engaging, interactive infographic while simultaneously distributing a press release summarizing survey findings. The team then promoted this information on corporate social media channels and during a month-long company-wide employee informational campaign.


FUELING SUCCESS More than 886 North American consumers completed the survey, yielding 30-plus key data points used in First Data campaigns. Fueled by the original research, Arketi’s media push resulted in nine notable articles, including coverage in The Wall Street Journal Cyber Security Blog, The Paypers, Payment Week, Retail News, Mobile Payments Today and Security Intelligence. The campaign successfully positioned First Data as a security and fraud expert – a top-of-mind topic for many of today’s businesses and consumers.


“Arketi executed on a Big Idea for the survey campaign that was backed up by a methodology that left no stone unturned. The solid strategy extended the original data we owned and turned it into numerous successful campaigns. Our First Data-owned content is opening up thought leadership and revenue doors for us in the fraud and security sector.”

Melanie Skotarski, Director Of Product Marketing For First Data

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Tech CMO Need-to-Knows

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Here’s what they told us…

The infographic was such a hit that it drove 15,727 website page views during its month of release. The 60-day social media campaign gained more than 280,000 impressions, reaching 37 percent of its intended audience of senior-level decision makers; earned 20 percent more media placements; and collected 60-plus sales leads that increased First Data’s revenue pipeline by several million dollars.

As a bonus, First Data’s owned research/evaluation project won a Phoenix award from the Public Relations Society of America.