Iron Mountain: webcasts drive engagement and awareness and profits, oh my!

When Iron Mountain, provider of storage and information management services to most of the Fortune 1000, wanted to expand its offerings into the crowded North American mid-market business space, it sought Arketi Group’s expertise.

Together, we developed a promotional strategy to support a four-part webcast series weaponized with education. Its aim was to increase customer programming to drive engagement, provide awareness of and information on Iron Mountain solutions, generate demand, and position the company as an information management thought leader.



INCREASING EXPOSURE Arketi researched industry organizations and social channels that could be used to augment Iron Mountain’s email campaigns. We homed in on a media sponsorship through ARMA, a records management organization, and a smattering of social promotions sprinkled on LinkedIn and Twitter – the best social channels for reaching Iron Mountain’s target audience.

Our research was used to develop a comprehensive marketing roadmap that identified campaign roles, responsibilities, deliverables and timelines. The resulting plan proposed a multi-channel, multi-touch approach aimed at Iron Mountain’s current customer base and key mid-market prospects.

Revenue generated from webinars

Revenue generated from webinars

Webcast registrants

Webcast registrants

ROI entire webcast series

ROI entire webcast series

SCATTERING BREADCRUMBS Six weeks before the first webcast, promotional efforts began, which included:

  • Email campaign – Developing a four-touch, pre-webinar drip campaign, and a four-touch post-webinar campaign, with unique messaging for webcast attendees and no- shows.
  • Landing page – Designing, messaging and laying out the webcast landing page; and ensuring it highlighted the series and provided access to replays, additional content and prospect outreach.
  • Social – Developing multiple social ads for Twitter, LinkedIn, and the Iron Mountain website and newsletter.
  • Media Buy – Facilitating a year-long media buy with ARMA that included newsletter development and website advertisements.

“Arketi helped us take an idea and build it into something much more than a webinar series alone. Iron Mountain’s educational program is a fixture on the calendar of our industry – one professionals know they can trust to provide timely, thoughtful information that supports their daily work. It is a mainstay of our company’s lead generation and marketing program, and the series continues to grow thanks to our promotional campaigns and word-of-mouth.”

John Hansen, Director of Marketing Demand Generation – Iron Mountain

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Nine months after the first webcast, Iron Mountain’s numbers were strong. The series had 1,678 registrants, 740 (44%) of whom attended. Its credibility was confirmed as attendees stayed on each webcast for an average 53 minutes and downloaded 844 pieces of content. Lastly, the webinar series helped the company close 83 sales that generated $152,038 – an ROI of 200%. Success!

The webinar campaign also won a Phoenix award from the Public Relations Society of America.