Credibility & Frequency Help Snapfulfil's Blog Achieve Off-The-Chain Results

When Snapfulfil, an innovator of cloud-based retail management systems (WMS), craved greater brand recognition and credibility, it partnered with Arketi Group for help.

Although Snapfulfil had an existing blog, we decided to look closer and determine whether its content was on-target and if there was a better way to consistently deliver the message that Snapfufil was a viable retail supply chain expert.



RELEVANCE To ensure Snapfulfil blog content was relevant to its target audience, Arketi combed not only through competitor blogs but those managed by leading supply chain magazines. We analyzed that information and came up common threads to determine key topics and competitor positioning.

Additionally, we interviewed subject matter experts to discover customer pain points and then brainstormed ideas on how Snapfulfil could help provide solutions.

CADENCE To differentiate the blog and to establish credibility and regularity among Snapfulfil’s target audience, Arketi created and filled a calendar with a steady stream of weekly blog posts. Topics covered everything from warehousing challenges to inventory and put-away processes to reverse logistics and subscription commerce.

KEYWORDS We sprinkled in posts promoting Snapfulfil’s most-recent case studies, whitepapers and summaries of published articles – which Arketi also helped create. Plus, we conducted research on

ROI for every $1 spend

ROI for every $1 spend

New customers from organic search

New customers from organic search

Boosted brand awareness in retail sector

Boosted brand awareness in retail sector

relevant keywords and phrases to help Snapfulfil rank on search engines and wove them into blog posts – thus, increasing content visibility for new prospects.

A year later, Arketi Group continues drafting Snapfulfil blog posts and other content that engages retailers early in the buying cycle.


In 12 months, Arketi produced 41 blog posts, designed to drive thought leadership and interest in Snapfulfil’s technology – 37% more posts than originally planned. Several popular posts increased traffic through Google, familiarized readers with Snapfulfil’s C-suite and VPs, and drove prospects through the sales funnel. Within the program’s first year, Snapfulfil gained five new customers from its organic search results. Plus, for each $1 spent on blog content development, Snapfulfil achieved $8 in revenue – an 800% ROI.


“Arketi quickly grasped our offerings and helped us hone our message. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Kirk Anderson, Executive Vice President Of North American Sales At Snapfulfil

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The blog earned:

  • Best Vendor Blog recognition from Explore WMS’ 2018 Warehouse Tech Writers awards, which recognize top writing talent across the warehouse tech industry; and
  • A Phoenix award from the Public Relations Society of America