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Earlier this year, Arketi’s B2B Marketing News was named a best B2B blog of 2012 in The Best of BuyerZone series. BuyerZone applauded Arketi’s strong mix of knowledgeable contributors with diverse BtoB marketing and PR thinking.

We’ve reflected on our favorite posts and included six of our best below. Click on the blog post title to read the full article.

One for the Grey Hairs: Originally featured on, this post by Micky Long, vice president and practice director of lead nurturing, poses the question, “Where did all the marketing talent go?” The “youth vs. experience” debate playing out among the ranks of BtoB marketing organizations is creating a serious challenge for CMOs and senior marketing executives. Read >

Hosting a Successful BtoB Webinar: If webinars are not part of your BtoB marketing mix, they should be. More than half of BtoB journalists find company-sponsored webinars helpful, according to the Arketi Web Watch Media Survey. So much of hosting a successful webinar is in the timing. This post covers best practices for blockbuster business-to-business webinar performance. Read >

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BtoB Benchmark Take-Away

According to the Arketi Web Watch Media Survey, 65 percent of BtoB journalists find company blogs useful.

Make blogging a part of your marketing mix! Add a post at least once a week, and involve multiple authors from across your company to showcase the breadth and depth of your expertise.

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Time to get Persona(l) with your Buyers: BtoB marketers know that strong marketing starts with understanding your target market very well. This post by Principal Sami Jajeh provides an overview for segmenting your buyers and creating buyer personas. The beauty of having personas is it ensures you are talking to specific buyers with the messages they care about using the communication mediums they prefer. Read >

Getting Ink: Looking to generate news for a client? PR professionals will greatly increase their chances of getting ink if they take the time to not just know what press release is being distributed next, but actually understand how that news impacts their client and its stakeholders. This post, previously featured on Bulldog Reporter, covers four fresh ideas for landing your client that next big story. Read >

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BtoB Public Relations Best Practices BtoB Magazine Features Arketi Client

Three fundamental pillars of public relations are media relations, news writing and trade show outreach.

Download the newest Arketi Insights to learn more about leveraging these PR strategies effectively.

Knowlagent’s “Productivity Plus” integrated marketing campaign designed by Arketi to establish Knowlagent as a leader in intraday management solutions earns numerous industry awards and ink in BtoB magazine.

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Social Media and Crisis Planning: The lifecycle of an online crisis depends heavily on how the first hour is managed. As a result, proactive social media tactics should be a focal point of any crisis communications strategy. Read social media expert Sarah Evans’ top tips for creating and executing a social media crisis plan, as presented to Georgia’s PRSA chapter. After all, it’s better to have a thought-out plan and never need it than to need a thought-out plan and never have it. Read >

Conversations – The Real Social Media: These days, it seems that professional communicators are expecting more from technology and much less from each other. Real person-to-person connections is what makes us human, and what makes the marketing and PR industry both exciting and important. In this post, a powerful TED Talks video might cause you to rethink a few things. Read >

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