Eight Rewarding – and Awarding – PR and Marketing Tips

Recently, Arketi and clients earned 13 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) awards at the 2012 PRSA|GA Phoenix Awards Celebration. Given annually, the PRSA|GA Phoenix Awards recognize excellence in Georgia’s PR community. Arketi and its clients received eight Phoenix Awards and five Certificates of Excellence at the ceremony.

Upon reflection, we’ve distilled eight learnings from our entries that may be of interest to BtoB marketers. Arketi won Phoenix awards for the following:

Media Relations Business to Business Technology for Arketi’s media relations program to drive awareness of Cbeyond as a leading provider of cloud and network services to small and mid-sized businesses. The campaign earned 325 media hits, reached nearly 18 million, and generated a cost of per contact of $0.0034 on media placements.

What we learned: “Old-school” PR still works. While digital media has commanded a large amount of mindshare recently, traditional public relations activities - including media relations - remain integral in building trust, generating brand awareness and ultimately, increasing leads.

Marketing Business to Business Technology for Arketi’s integrated marketing and PR campaign for Intradiem, the leading intraday management solution for the world’s 10 million call center agents. The Productivity Plus campaign contributed to Intradiem growing annual contract value by 30 percent and earning 169 media placements reaching 8.5 million readers. Arketi also won the Phoenix for Integrated Communications - Business to Business for this campaign.

What we learned: Integration is everything. When building awareness and educating the target market around a new product offering, a successful communications campaign combines proven BtoB PR and marketing initiatives.

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BtoB Benchmark Take-Away
According to PressFeed’s 2012 Online Newsroom and Media Relations Survey, adding images, graphics and video to a press release increases views by up to 77 percent.

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Direct Mail/Direct Response for Arketi’s success in driving booth traffic and generating leads at the Black Hat conference for Stonesoft, a provider of integrated network security and business continuity solutions that simplify complex network security environments. The zombie-themed campaign resulted in a 20 percent increase in landing page views.

What we learned: What’s dead is new again. Even in the BtoB technology space, there is a time and place for high creativity. Standing out from the crowd and finding a relevant tie-in to pop culture can draw the attention you’re looking for.

Blogs for Arketi’s work with Intradiem to create, launch and maintain the Productivity Plus blog, located at

What we learned: Blog about it and they will come. Blog posts get read more than most static content pages, since regular posting keeps the content timely and relevant. By blogging, organizations can demonstrate their expertise and establish thought leadership.


Webcasts for Arketi’s work with Intradiem to develop and execute the Productivity Plus webinar series to identify Intradiem as a thought leader in agent productivity solutions and to generate leads. Intradiem received nearly 2,500 registrations for six webinars, which uncovered 64 opportunities.

What we learned: Webinars are the way to go. If webinars are not part of your BtoB marketing mix, they should be. More than half of BtoB journalists find company-sponsored webinars helpful, according to the Arketi Web Watch Media Survey.

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Writing – Trade/Business News Release for Arketi’s news release for The Network, a leading provider of integrated governance, risk and compliance products and services to nearly half the Fortune 500. Arketi’s release on The Network’s Quarterly Corporate Fraud Index garnered 1,030,966 media impressions, delivering a cost-per-contact of $.002.

What we learned: The news release isn’t dead. Regularly distributing releases is a great way to gain coverage in key media outlets and keep top-of-mind awareness.

Marketing Business to Business Professional Services for Arketi’s marketing campaign with an intelligent collaboration document solution provider serving the mortgage industry. Arketi’s campaign positioned the client as an unparalleled leader in connecting the most industry participants through flexible technology and a trusted brand.

What we learned: Don’t forget the bigger picture. It’s one thing to develop a strong overall theme and execute a variety of tactics that resonate with the target audience. A truly successful campaign goes one step further and ensures that all initiatives tie back to the bigger business objective – revenue growth.

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