Prediction is hard. Especially about the future.

Keeping up on the latest trends can be tough for busy marketers.

How will the changing buyer landscape impact marketing? Will 2016 be the year of comebacks, burgeoning innovation, or something completely unpredictable? It's too soon to declare 2016 the year of anything in particular. Instead, we asked 18 leading B2B marketers to share their thoughts on the trends, tactics and tools to watch for.

The weather reports may look dull, but the marketing forecast appears bright!

TREND: Personalization

As the number of marketing tools continues to grow and data becomes more accessible, personalization will be critical to getting customers’ attention in 2016. Last year, persona-targeted messages proved to be successful and will continue to be a key component in the marketing plans of savvy B2B marketers.

TOOL: Disruptive technology

Unfortunately, getting your brand’s message out above the noise will be just as tough as ever. To combat the noise, marketers are planning to use disruptive marketing tactics to capture attention. But rather than invest in new and unfamiliar tools, B2B marketers will be pulling a few items from the old playbook and looking to trusted tools that generate results.

TACTIC: Engagement

B2B brands must engage their audience – by focusing on emotion, not promotion. While the best channels for engagement vary across industries, brand engagement remains a critical step in the sales process. But it doesn’t stop there – smart marketers empower their audiences to share the message.

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