Not your father’s technology buying decision

Millennials are now the largest generational group in America’s workforce. This milestone got us thinking, how much is this changing of the generations affecting B2B buying process?

Looking around for research on this topic, we found IBM’s To buy or not to buy? report, which concludes, “Millennials are having a profound impact on their organizations and the B2B vendors who want to do business with them. As more Millennials move into decision-making roles at work, or start their own companies where they are in charge, the influence they wield over B2B purchasing will only continue to grow.”

Interesting! But we wanted to know more. Like exactly how are Millennials affecting technology buying – you know, enterprise tech costing $10,000 or more.

We found nothing. So we decided to conduct our own study. Not Your Father's Buying Decision: How Three Generations of B2B Technology Buyers Decide What to Purchase is the result of our efforts.

The responses are surprising in parts, reassuring in others, informative all the way through – and certainly relevant to all of us who are marketing technology to BtoB buyers. CHECK OUT THE REPORT AND COOL INFOGRAPHIC

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Fast Facts

Download the infographic

Get a hard copy of this data – plus additional findings from our report on how three generations of BtoB buyers approach buying high-dollar technology for their organizations. If you're crafting content for B2B buyers, this is information you need to know!

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