Marketing reboot takes GT Software from legacy to leading edge.

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Mainframes may be perceived by many as old technology, but they still power everything from banks to airlines to power plants. But today, these computing workhorses must interact with newer technology, such as web and mobile apps. Which is where GT Software comes in: delivering a suite of software tools that integrate mainframes with modern software development frameworks in a fraction of the time and cost usually required.

It’s a compelling value proposition, but with the company's messaging focused only on the technical buyer, one that wasn’t being effectively communicated. And GT Software’s generic, dated website wasn’t generating much in the way of leads either.

That’s when GT Software turned to Arketi for a marketing reboot…

The company engaged Arketi to create a new message platform to better position GT Software’s products and services, refine their visual identity and branding and build a mobile responsive and engaging website that simplified the user experience.

We proposed a three-fold strategic approach. First, develop a fresh, compelling message platform that communicates the unique value GT Software has to offer, and would serve as a jumping-off point for new web content. Second, update the company’s logo and visual identity to create a crisp new look. Third, leverage the new message and branding in a streamlined website with interactive content that would drive visitors to engage and convert.

Demand Generation Measurements that Matter with Jen Horton - CHECK IT OUT

Demand Generation Measurements that Matter with Jen Horton

“Without the discipline of looking at data on a regular basis, in many organizations the program owners or the demand creation people get trapped in the day in, day out of what they know always works because they just have to hit their number. Having a strong understanding of measurement and a baseline and level of contribution empowers the organization to be bolder and take more risks.”

Jen Horton, vice president and group director of demand services at SiriusDecisions

How We Did It

The Arketi team started by researching GT Software’s market and validating the target audience: primarily software development professionals. From there, we worked on retooling the company’s messaging to clarify and update its positioning and value proposition, leading to a more direct, benefit-based message platform that also targeted c-suite executives.

Along with the new messaging, Arketi recreated the existing website. After interacting with the existing site, we decided to modernize and rearchitect it to make it easier for visitors to find the specific solutions they were searching for and more easily communicate products and services.

To provide rich content for the site and for sales efforts, we created three new snappy videos that explain the company’s products and their benefits using a combination of live action, animation and real-world imagery – their content and tone reflect the re-energized GT Software brand. The videos are also used by sales people as a quick introduction of GT Software to potential clients. The combination of an updated message, engaging new website and powerful videos completed the brand refresh.

Arketi Earns 2018 “PR Agency of the Year” - READ MORE

Arketi Earns 2018 “PR Agency of the Year”

Arketi Group landed a silver Stevie® Award as “PR Agency of the Year” in the 2018 American Business Awards, the nation’s premier business awards program.

Judges called out the agency’s “true game changing direction within the agency world,” and ability to take “calculated risks while maintaining a tight control.” In addition, judges mentioned that “the agency knows how to get the job done on behalf of its clients.

The Results We Achieved

Within months, GT Software’s new marketing started paying off. In the 90 days following the site launch, site traffic increased by 92%, and website form completions jumped 56%. The company also noted the quality of leads coming from the site improved significantly. Within the first six months, GT Software projected a three-fold increase in revenue for one of its core products, attributable to web leads. Comments from the sales team and customers were overwhelmingly positive, especially regarding the website and videos.

Arketi continues to work with GT Software on its PR and marketing using the well-positioned story, rebranding and new website to move GT Software forward.


“Arketi has been a great partner in terms of learning our business and creating effective solutions. The team approached our website with a creative eye and our sales numbers are proof that their methods work. Understanding the market and the capabilities of our software greatly demonstrated how Arketi’s work made an impact for our company.”

Steve Hassett, Chief Operating Officer, GT Software

Projected revenue increase

Projected revenue increase

Site traffic almost doubled

Site traffic almost doubled

Increased website form completions

Increased website form completions

How to leverage customers in your marketing mix in only 30 minutes - Watch Now

How to leverage customers in your marketing mix in only 30 minutes

Arketi’s 30-minute webinar provides a roadmap for turning buyers into believers. We will go in-depth on specific steps how BtoB marketers can take to grow their sales force with an army of credible advocates.

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