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As the world goes digital, businesses that used to handle lots of sensitive paper records – from doctors’ offices and attorneys to insurance agents and mortgage brokers – are now grappling with how to manage, protect, and when necessary, destroy digital records instead. And that isn’t always easy.

Well-known as the “document storage and destruction company,” Iron Mountain wanted to build awareness for its depth of expertise in information management, both physical and digital.

Working with Arketi Group, the company determined to introduce itself as an educational resource for mid-sized businesses that handle sensitive data and business information, starting with a four-part webinar series.


“Measurement matters in content marketing because it matters for marketing overall. Marketing is part of business enterprises, and we need to measure the value of our results. So I reject the notion that marketing needn’t demonstrate results, and I think content marketing is the best way to do that.”

Michael Brenner, author and CEO of Marketing Insiders Group

How we did it

There were two parts to the campaign: content for the webinars themselves, and a promotional plan to drive attendance. Iron Mountain marketing and Arketi worked closely on both.

Each of the four webinars covered different topics of significance in the records and information management (RIM) arena: information lifecycle management; digital transformation and RIM in the cloud; mergers and acquisitions; and the application of machine learning to RIM.

The team developed a multi-channel plan to promote the webinars, using email and online advertising to reach professionals interested in storage and information management in the US and Canada.

A series of four emails was sent out to promote each webinar. This was supported by digital advertising through a paid partnership with ARMA International, the leading industry organization for professionals responsible for securing, managing, and analyzing corporate data. The ARMA promotion included sponsored newsletter ads, e-blasts and website ads. Additional advertising on LinkedIn and Twitter was used to expand the campaign’s reach beyond ARMA members, while remaining hyper-focused on information management professionals.

A key component in any webinar campaign is the landing page. A compelling landing page must provide enough information to convince the viewer to take action and register – without overwhelming them with information. It’s a delicate balance, one that Arketi’s demand generation team has extensive experience in. The landing page for this webinar series included access to replays and additional content relevant to prospects’ interests.

Finally, Arketi developed a series of three of four follow-up emails sent out after each webinar had taken place. These offered registrants the webinar replay, additional useful resources and an invitation to schedule a meeting with an Iron Mountain sales person.

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The results we achieved

The four-part webinar campaign delivered better than expected results. The webinars themselves averaged 419 registrations each, with an average attendance rate of 48% – significantly higher than typical BtoB webinars. Attendees remained on the webcast for 92% of the running time – again higher than typical – validating the quality of the information.

Most significantly, the campaign influenced a sales pipeline of over 200 opportunities representing $1,592,000 in potential revenue. And these are quality leads: 21% of them converted within days of the campaign – surpassing Iron Mountain’s goal of 10% lead conversion.

On the basis of this campaign’s success, Iron Mountain and Arketi are already working on a second series of educational webinars.


“Webinars have always been part of our marketing mix, but they haven’t always had the impact or staying power that we wanted. Arketi helped us create an educational series for customers and prospects that drove engagement and influenced sales opportunities. From registrants, attendees and resulting pipeline, we consider this campaign a big win.”

John Hansen, Senior Manager and Demand Generation Leader, Iron Mountain

Potential sales pipeline

Potential sales pipeline

Attendance rate

Attendance rate

Audience duration on webinar

Audience duration on webinar

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