Communicate like a boss

Communicate like a boss

Take advantage of our tips, tricks and snackable tidbits to keep your team connected as remote work continues

One year in. It’s hard to believe. This time last year, many of us suddenly started working remotely. Don’t know about you, but at the time, we certainly didn’t expect it would last for a year-plus. Yet here we are – at least for a while longer.

Replay Arketi's 2021 B2B Marketing Trends presentation away -

Replay Arketi's 2021 B2B Marketing Trends presentation away

Miss our ultra-informative, fast-paced session on some of 2021’s sizzling-hot B2B marketing and communications trends? Drats! Never fear as you can watch and learn by accessing the on-demand replay of insights gleaned from the 14th Annual Tech Roundtable. Check our webinar out.

Many of us who suddenly switched to full-time WFH initially struggled to feel connected with colleagues. Managers especially had to improvise ways of helping their teams stay involved, engaged and warding off feelings of isolation.

Early on in the pandemic, we at Arketi generated a stream of carefully curated, well-crafted tips and techniques to help our team leads adjust to the new normal – everything from staying physically active to avoiding the blues to keeping company culture alive.

We shared those ideas with clients, friends and others. They were so well-received, we’re sharing them here … an eBook we want you to have and use. It’s chock-full of tidbits that you can use to remain connected with your teammates.

We’re pretty darn excited for you to download a copy. Happy reading!

And we’d love to hear which tips you find most interesting or effective. Send a note to

Need a content style guide to assure brand consistency and voice? We've got you covered

Content is king. And it’s currency, too. But a lack of consistency in content can quickly undermine the best thought-out brand messaging. Arketi’s new content style guide helps avoid the problem by ensuring anyone writing on your behalf uses the same style, tone of voice and lexicon. Drop us a note so we can chat content. Consistency is cool!

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