Arketi Group skates to the puck in 2019

In many ways, B2B marketing is a lot like ice hockey. Forget about the pads, helmets and skates. Thriving marketers and PR pros agree with the advice of Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, whose father Walter once told him: “Don’t skate to where the puck is – skate to where it’s going to be.”

The often-repeated quote makes sense in hockey and business alike. Which is why Arketi Group has gone all-in on hockey this year by adopting Gretzky’s philosophy as we skate to where the puck is going to be.

We’re not forgetting what worked well for our clients in the past. But we’ve pledged to keep striving to improve our marketing and PR game – and help clients navigate the ice to better reach their audiences.

With that in mind, here are three examples of how Arketi engaged – and continues engaging – with forward-looking clients that understand the importance of skating to where the puck is going to be through data and insights.

Power Play 1: Improving job performance by decreasing employee financial stress

Arketi helped a large, Atlanta-based FinTech organization create a unique program to help its client better understand and improve its employees’ financial literacy. Our client’s client wanted to educate its workforce in ways to alleviate the financial stress that can affect on-the-job performance – research shows 36 percent of U.S. workers miss work because of financial concerns, and 59 percent of employees spend time at work on personal finances.

We created an online quiz employees could use to assess their financial savvy. After taking the quiz, each employee was assigned to a profile ... skating to where the puck would be. Using insights gleaned from the program, the company helped employees by delivering relevant content to help educate and advance their financial literacy and improve job performance.

Power Play 2: Creating employee personas to deliver improved communications

Our second client – a large conglomerate – wanted to better understand what channels its employees preferred to receive and absorb company communications: everything from information on health plans and 401Ks to how using data-driven insights from employee demographics and psychographics, we’re creating employee personas. This lets the company skate to where the puck will be – where its employees want to go to easily find, use and benefit from company-related information.

Power Play 3: Listening Tour addresses new target market’s pain points

When a multinational data company was finding it tough to penetrate a new target market – FinTech prospects – it turned to Arketi to orchestrate a friendly face-off. This Listening Tour, delivered as a roundtable discussion, will reveal FinTech participants’ pain points and future needs, giving our client a better understanding of prospects’ challenges to help shape product development.

The Listening Tour will let the company engage in face-to-face conversations with FinTech professionals. Their input will help the client leverage qualitative data to better direct its sales team’s efforts – and to start building a marketing plan for better, faster and stronger FinTech products. Skate to where the puck’s going to be!

Scoring a hat trick

Three companies with unique needs. Three goals. Three scores. We call it a hat trick.

Arketi continues working with these organizations to help them navigate better in their respective arenas. Together, we’re using data and insights that help us collectively skate to where the puck’s going to be.

How serious are we about hockey?

Pretty serious, actually. Arketi is bringing more ice action into a city better known for being hot – going all-in by sponsoring a men’s ice hockey team. Read about team Arketi Group below!

Arketi Group sponsors its namesake ice hockey team - READ MORE

Arketi Group sponsors its namesake ice hockey team

Arketi Group announces its sponsorship of appropriately named Arketi Group, an ice hockey team comprised of some awfully good players.

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