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Arketi Group summarizes The Summit 2020 – Georgia’s premier annual technology conference

More than 1,300 technology professionals meet in Atlanta to network, learn from each other.

In case you didn’t get the chance to attend The Summit 2020, and even if you did, Arketi Group employees had the event covered. We were out in full force at the flagship event of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). In fact, we were the ones in the bright red polo shirts asking you to sign the “I Joined Tag in…” board and also covered the keynotes and most of the breakout sessions.

The Summit 2020, held March 3-4 in Atlanta and themed Engage, Innovate and Transform attracted 1,300-plus technology, business and thought leaders who gathered for interesting discussions, networking and learning from one another.

Although numerus sessions took place simultaneously and were chock-full of insights and relevant information, here are four key sessions and accompanying highlights.

2020 State of the Industry Report

Speaking about the State of the Technology Industry at The Summit, TAG president and CEO Larry Williams presented a very bullish outlook for Georgia’s technology community. From a recent survey, more than two-thirds of participants felt both the workforce and amount of raised capital are on an increasing path over the next five years.

With AI, machine learning and data scientist positions considered the most critical to tech operations, and application developer the highest immediate need, it’s clear attracting talent remains a critical success factor. Information security and cloud technology represent the most important initiatives. Leaders consider innovation critical to Georgia’s technology growth. In turn, maintaining status as a center of innovation requires access to skilled labor followed by access to capital.

Think Different – How to Embed Innovation into Everyone’s DNA!

As former head of Creativity and Innovation for Disney, Duncan Wardle has plenty of experience thinking outside the box. During his keynote address, he got attendees to do exactly that with his dynamic presentation and interactive creative exercises.

Wardle, creative speaker at id8 and innov8, discussed four core human traits we’re all born with, and yet don’t often use in our adult lives and careers: creativity, imagination, curiosity and intuition. He believes if we hone these core traits by getting out of our own “river of thinking” and being expansive rather than reductive, we can effectively complement AI technology, instead of being replaced by it. Wardle calls this partnership “augmented intelligence.”

TAG presents crisis communications: how brands & businesses are managing during a pandemic - WATCH NOW

TAG presents crisis communications: how brands & businesses are managing during a pandemic

Reputations are won or lost during a crisis. Get tips on prioritizing internal and external communications by watching TAG’s first virtual even since the “new normal” created by the COVID-10 pandemic. Hear what panelists of the webinar, hosted by Scott Williford, CEO, vLink Solutions, have to say. They are Mike Neumeier, CEO of Arketi Group; Sarah Stansberry, CMO of DTN; Carol O’Kelley, CMO of PRGX; and Michael Touhill, External Communications Manager of Novelis.

The Future of CX

Welcome to the Expectation Economy. Scott White, senior vice president of Strategic Marketing, FLEETCOR, Adam Waid, vice president of Global Customer Success, SalesLoft, Mike Gomes, chief experience officer, Cortland, and Chad McCloud, executive director, Jabian, shared their perspectives on the future of customer experience, and all signs point to shifts in mindsets for today’s companies.

According to Salesforce Research, 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.

Great products and services are no longer enough. According to panelists, the following are a few strategies today’s companies should look to implement:


Give thought to thought leadership

The experience customers have with your business reflects your brand as a whole. Take the lead from the customer-centric business cultures of Chick-fil-A, Southwest Airlines and Disney. Make customer experience core to your culture.


Focus on employee sentiment

Happy employees create happy customers. Do a gut check with your employees by conducting your own NPS evaluation. How likely your employees are to recommend their workplace to others is a key indicator of their overall job satisfaction. Secondly, company leadership should take the time to explain the role employees play in the overall customer experience. The more employees understand the part they play, the more seriously they will take it.


Think of your ideal customer

Do you know who your ideal customer is? Do you know what their likes and dislikes are? Look at things like renewals and expansion and identify what a healthy customer experience looks like, then try to replicate across the board.

Arketi Group paves the way for technology innovation - WATCH NOW

Arketi Group paves the way for technology innovation

During the 2020 TAG Summit, Arketi Group CEO Mike Neumeier discusses with Atlanta Small Business Network’s Jim Fitzpatrick the importance and benefit of having The Summit in the heart of Atlanta.

Innovation Through the Lens of Investors

To get the financial backing for new products and/or services, investors want innovations that have the ability to know where the market is headed and have a solution that has yet to be invented.

Panelists David Cummings, founder, Atlanta Tech Village and Technology Hall of Fame of Georgia 2019 inductee, Brian Daily, co-founder and CEO, GroundFloor, and Jim Douglass, co-founder and CEO, Fulcrum Equity Partners, said investors are also looking for innovations that make revolutionary rather incremental improvements.

“Common reasons we see innovators fail at Tech Village is they build something that’s only incrementally better than what’s out there instead of 10 times better, which will have customers lining up to buy,” Cummings said.

Further, the panelists said that some of the biggest innovation success stories have been when the launch of a product or service is either timed correctly or has the wherewithal to muscle through until the time is right.

Want more?

TAG is making available, online all the content from The Summit. And they are doing it for FREE! This is part of TAG’s ongoing efforts to continue to fuel our innovation economy during this challenging time.

Visit to access the video replays from The Summit and more. And visit frequently as content is being added all the time.

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