More insight and inspiration from The Summit 2020

Last month we gave a summary of four key sessions and workshops that took place during The Summit 2020, the Technology Association of Georgia’s flagship event. But there were many more interesting and insightful sessions at The Summit than we had space for – so this month, here are four more workshop synopses we think you’ll enjoy.

Themed Engage, Innovate and Transform, the March 3-4 event in Atlanta was a gathering of 1,300-plus technology-minded people – including thought leaders and innovators. Thank goodness we were able to meet before stay-in-place measures were enacted.

Read on for a recap of some other interesting and thought-provoking sessions, which by the way, TAG is making available for free.

Technology and Culture: Enabling a Successful API Program

APIs – application programming interfaces – are modernizing the way developers work and speeding up how quickly products get to market. Simply put, APIs are changing the way companies do business, including Equifax.

Neil Erickson, vice president of digital platforms at Equifax, spoke about enabling a successful API program. Efficiency and innovation are the desired result of a successful API program. However, like other IT initiatives, executing a successful API program relies on strategic planning, team buy-in, and a proactive communications approach that clearly outlines the benefits, Erickson said.

The Equifax Developer Center has plenty of beneficial information for developers looking explore APIs and test them out in a sandbox.

Let us lend a hand by helping your leaders manage remote workers - EMAIL MIKE

Let us lend a hand by helping your leaders manage remote workers

One of the main challenges of working from home is colleagues feeling disconnected from one another. Arketi Group has developed a Remote Working Managers Toolkit, full of inspirational tips that managers can send to their teamson a daily basis, as part of a remote working internal communications strategy. Subscribe to this free stream of content by emailing Mike Neumeier at

Driving Inclusion and Innovation in Workforce Culture

How do you get Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives to drive the innovation culture you need to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive environment? According to session panelists, it’s all about structure, transparency, consistency and willingness to take risks.

The panel of D&I professionals said critical success factors included having a solid plan and purpose before recruiting a team. Once in place, it’s important to make sure there’s full transparency of purpose and expectations from the organization’s leadership team.

Finally, to make D&I initiatives part of the culture, it takes ongoing work even after success is achieved to ensure long-term gain. “It’s like losing weight,” a panelist said. “Once you achieve your goal, if you stop paying attention, you’ll go back to where you started.”

Session panelists wereAdam Moore, vice president Senior Supplier Diversity Manager, Truist; Stephen Ichatha, program manager – Data Center Network Deployment, Google; Richard Smith, managing partner, Benton + Bradford Consulting; and Peter Williams, director and head of Community Strategy, BlackRock Atlanta.

The Future Workforce Depends on Innovation

When it comes to facilitating employee engagement and growth, the initiative has to be personal. Sadly, only about 13% of employees in today’s corporate environment are highly engaged in their work on a regular basis and as high as 30% are actively disengaged. The secret to improving these disturbing numbers is to implement development programs that are personalized as much as possible. To do this well, panelists said you need to:

  • Get leadership actively involved
  • Foster a culture that supports development
  • Consider the needs of the employee even outside of the work environment
  • Implement the latest technology tools – virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning and others

Leadership panelists were Jim Everidge, president and CEO, RapidLD; Jeff Whipple, vice president, US Talent, Ferguson Enterprises; Shannon Benham, director of Human Resources, UPS; and Stephen Childs, Chief Human Resource Officer, Panasonic Automotive.

No tradeshow? No problem!  - Email Mike

No tradeshow? No problem!

Your sales team may not be able to meet prospects and customers in person at tradeshows, but that doesn’t mean they can’t connect. The show must go on! Let Arketi Group help you launch a virtual tradeshow – an engaging microsite that lets prospects explore your company’s products and services.

If COVID-19 has stymied your tradeshow plans, let’s talk about building your virtual tradeshow – reach out to Mike Neumeier at

AI for Good

Beverly Wright PhD CAP, Data Science partner atRelationalAI, led a panel discussion on the topic of using artificial intelligence to help tackle mental health, opioid addiction and human trafficking.

Blake Fleischer PhD, senior data scientist at Gallup and John Rich, vice president of FutureX Labs at Moxie discussed with Wright how leaders in AI should look at the industry like a Venn diagram, focusing on the overlapping pieces between profit and purpose. They stressed the importance of using expertise with this technology, the most powerful in history, to help organizations do what they do better, whether it’s saving lives, providing mental health care and more.

The panel agreed that it’s easy to focus on the financial aspect of a career in technology, but it’s also important to give back to your community in a way not everyone can.

Want more?

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into these sessions or any others, view them ondemand at the TAG site.

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