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In business, risk is everywhere – employee health and safety, compliance, taxes, vendor management – and the list continues to grow. Riskonnect helps company leadership understand and manage risk across the enterprise, and has become a trusted resource for many of the Fortune 500. But with numerous competitors and new risks flooding the market, Riskonnect realized it needed to position itself as more than a point solution – to become the face of integrated risk management.

Riskonnect selected Arketi Group to boost its industry presence and educate the market about the importance of taking an integrated approach to risk management. Arketi developed an integrated marketing strategy, including a comprehensive public relations plan, along with tactics to augment Riskonnect’s organic and paid search performance and boost the company’s social presence.

The plan centered on building a thought leadership platform that would establish Riskonnect as expert in integrated risk management. To this end, Arketi developed content and secured earned media placements that positioned Riskonnect as the authority on emerging risks, risk trends, best practices and even customer success.


“SEO is usually not about just getting rankings, getting links or visibility, but it's about the value that the traffic you get from search can drive. And when we're talking about SEO like that, that traffic tends to be incredibly high quality, highly relevant to what you're doing and much, much cheaper. It takes a lot of sweat equity, but it does not take nearly the same level of dollar investment that paid traffic takes.”

Rand Fishkin, Founder of SparkToro, co-founder of Moz and author of Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World

How We Did It

Before engaging Arketi, Riskonnect viewed public relations as a tactical exercise, often pushing it aside for other initiatives the company deemed to be more directly responsible for generating revenue. In essence, Riskonnect didn’t have a public relations plan in place. Arketi established PR as a key strategy, and managed all PR efforts, starting with aggressive outreach to media in Riskonnect’s target verticals – retail, healthcare and manufacturing – to secure interviews and byline opportunities. These efforts ensured regular contributions to Riskonnect’s key publications.

On the search front, Arketi developed an SEO and PPC strategy that optimized Riskconnect’s website for more relevant keywords, and properly optimized page tags. This delivered almost immediate improvements. In the longer term, Arketi’s search team cultivated backlinks to the Riskonnect site, which enhanced its domain authority and visibility in search engine results pages.

Lastly, Arketi brought a regular posting cadence to Riskonnect’s social presence, providing an established media channel to share PR successes and news on industry trends.

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Arketi Insights

Why CMOs Must Focus on Integrated Risk

PLUS: Today’s CMO must champion risk management. As corporate leadership teams wake up to the significance of brand risk, the CMO should lead, not join, the conversation. 

The Results We Achieved

Within a few months, Riskonnect saw the benefits of having a dedicated marketing and PR partner, and those results have grown from strength to strength.

The Arketi PR team secured Riskonnect media placements in – and established relationships with – key industry publications, including Compliance Today, Security Magazine and Risk Management, along with many vertical opportunities such as Retail TouchPoints and Manufacturing Business Today. We also established Riskonnect as a regularly contributed column in industry-leading Risk & Insurance.

These PR efforts have been complemented by significant growth in website traffic, a direct result of Arketi’s work to improve SEO and PPC performance.

ranked page one Google keywords

ranked page one Google keywords

Increase in site traffic

Increase in site traffic

New users to the site

New users to the site

Since engaging with Arketi, the Riskonnect website has experienced a 23 percent increase in organic site traffic, coupled with a 34 percent increase in new user site traffic. Additionally, Riskonnect has seen its search rankings jump, with 38 keywords ranked in page 1 of Google (up from 13) and a total of 1,419 ranked keywords overall (up from 891).

Arketi and Riskonnect are working together to continue to raise the bar and increase measurable marketing KPIs. After all, there’s always more work to be done in ensuring Riskonnect becomes synonymous with “Integrated Risk Management.”


“Since engaging with Arketi, we have seen the positive results that having a legitimate PR strategy and knowledgeable team can bring. Our media exposure has increased dramatically since partnering together. We have also always been pleased with how easy they are to work with and their level of professionalism.”

Wendi Freeman, Senior Director of Marketing – Riskonnect

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