Data-Driven Marketing

Market research helps identify and analyze market demand, size and trends, and the strength of your competition. But it’s more than collecting data for data’s sake. 

It’s about strategically gathering and skillfully interpreting data from key decision makers to identify market opportunities and strategies that will drive business growth.

Many companies struggle to realize the full potential of their data. In fact, 9 out of 10 senior marketing executives aren’t effective at applying insights generated by customer analytics.

Understanding how customers buy, and streamlining the path to closing a sale, requires insights that are focused, actionable, and easy to use. Arketi Group offers four data-driven insights packages that respond to the specific situations B2B marketers most often confront.

Market Opportunity Definition

Who needs this?
Companies that need to identify market opportunities and the most effective marketing strategies to take advantage of them.

What we do
Define high-priority marketing areas based on market opportunity, company strengths, customer profile, and competitive market gaps. This includes:

  • Sizing the market and its emerging needs
  • Mapping key competitors’ relative strengths
  • Profiling key segments by share of wallet and opportunity to grow

Buyer Decision Mapping

Who needs this?
Companies that need to tie their internal sales process closely to buyer decision criteria.

What we do
Define the customer buying journey and company sales journey to create actionable, scalable marketing that feeds a more efficient sales process. This includes:

  • Mapping the buyer journey and decision criteria for key segments
  • Detailing decision drivers and detractors for the brand and top competitors
  • Identifying points where the brand has the most ability to influence

Customer Segmentation

Who needs this?
Companies that want to understand and act on the different opportunities among key customer segments.

What we do
Identify a company’s primary customer segments and define a clear path for actionable marketing and sales efforts by segment. This includes:

  • Segmenting by behaviors and attitudes
  • Defining the value, potential, and motivators for each segment
  • Identifying actionable steps to integrate the segmentation into current operations

Acquisition Strategy Alignment

Who needs this?
Companies that need to align acquisition resources to segments most likely to generate the greatest return.

What we do
Map a company’s acquisition priorities to its best customers to identify sales priorities for long-term ROI. This includes:

  • Sizing penetration by business type from sales funnel through year one and lifetime value potential
  • Defining customer lifetime value in terms of revenue, cost of sales, and cost to serve
  • Identifying segment priorities and marketing recommendations to increase ROI

Data-driving marketing is just one offering within our digital marketing practice area. Read about our other offerings:

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