BtoB lead generation and nurturing

There's no doubt that a great message and website are key elements in generating awareness and buyer preference. 

But your message must do more than entertain or create recognition – to make a difference, it must reach the heart of what motivates customers to buy.

Creative is important, yes – but in lead generation, especially, it's only one of many elements that must be orchestrated to deliver success:

  • The right database, so that the correct targets are being reached
  • Strong calls-to-action, so that the targets are spurred to respond
  • Rules for scoring and qualifying prospects to identify where they are in the sales funnel at any time
  • A lead nurturing strategy that delivers interesting, relevant content to prospects, tailored to their stage of the buying cycle
  • ... all driven by a marketing cloud solution, so that complete campaigns can be built, maintained, monitored and refined.

With Arketi Group, you have these components in hand - you have the foundation for campaign success. Our lead generation and nurturing services integrate online and offline channels to generate leads. They include:

  • Advertising (print and online)
  • Direct mail
  • E-mail marketing
  • Interactive programs (landing page development, PURLs, and more)
  • Marketing cloud solutions and consulting
  • Newsletters (print and online)
  • Tradeshows and event support
  • Search marketing (organic and paid)
  • Website and online presence

You'll find more of our thinking on this topic in an issue of our newsletter, Is your marketing content strategy still one-dimensional?

Lead generation and nurturing is just one offering within our digital marketing practice area. Read about our other offerings:

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