Media and analyst relations

Knowing who to talk to: science. Knowing what to say: art. 

Bringing them together: Arketi’s strategy for delivering media and analyst relations that generate business results.

Together, we’ll build your company’s very own News Bureau – an outreach engine for analysts and the media. And we’ll apply our proactive Media Opportunity Outlooksm research methodology to uncover and elevate the stories hidden within your organization – generating a stream of news and trend pieces that ensures you are helping shape the conversation, rather than following it.

To accomplish this, our offerings include:

  • Media and analyst tours
  • Media training
  • Tradeshow support
  • Case study, news release and media kit development
  • Crisis communications

Just as important, our team works with yours to create a customized Influencer IndexSM that baselines your current media and analyst mindshare, then measures the impact of our media programs going forward. This provides you with executive-level and detailed metrics to prove the value in your PR investment.

After all, the point of PR is to help you expand your awareness so you can sell more, to more buyers.

See how Arketi’s media relations expertise helped Sprint earn some impressive national exposure and engage more than 15,000 consumers.

Media and analyst relations is just one offering within our PR practice area. Read about our other offerings:

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B2B PR Best Practices

How to leverage media relations, news writing and trade shows

Social media may get all the public relations limelight, but traditional PR remains integral to building trust, increasing brand awareness and generating sales leads.

So perhaps it’s time for a refresher course on the three “basics” – media relations, news writing, and trade show outreach – strategies that effectively position the PR team for long-term success.