Thought leadership

Ever wanted to see the words “Industry Expert” in front of your name? How does that happen? Where do these “experts” come from? Where does the media find them?

Welcome to the world of the thought leader.

Arketi can help you (the expert) show them (the industry) what you know. And leave the competition asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Whether you are an established executive or an up-and-comer, Arketi will craft your thought leadership position through a focused mix of:

  • Industry and business awards programs
  • White papers, bylined articles and op-eds
  • Company-sponsored survey campaigns
  • Speakers bureau
  • Special events
  • Community relations

This isn’t about ego-stroking: it’s about brand-building. And to prove the value of your steadily growing thought leader status, our Competitive Media Footprint AnalysisSM will track and monitor your competitive position in key media sources.

Want to know more? We devoted an issue of our newsletter to techniques for Taking Thought Leadership by the Horns.

Thought leadership is just one offering within our PR practice area. Read about our other offerings:

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For further insight, read our newsletter issue on the subject, Together, We Did It: How Arketi Client PMG Used Survey Data to Drive Thought Leadership.

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Customized Content Powers Buyer-Centric Marketing

How do you keep the conversation personal when you’re talking to thousands of people you don’t know?

From email and social media to marketing automation, there are plenty of ways to reach your prospects. The real challenge is deciding what to say. Every customer has different needs and concerns, but all of them have a short attention span.

We think the key is to treat marketing like a conversation – and let the customer drive the dialogue.