Messaging and positioning

Why should a customer prefer your product over your competitors’? In a world of me-too products, defining a defensible differentiator can be a challenge.

And once you have your positioning, articulating it in a crisp, compelling and memorable message – your sound bite – is as much art as science.

Arketi Group's proven process for positioning and messaging has helped 150+ tech companies figure out what makes them the better choice. What resonates with the market. And what makes customers care.

Some examples of questions we have helped organizations answer include:

How do I go to market for a product that has no defined category?

How many of my programs should be focused on educating versus selling?

What is my real differentiator or value proposition?

Can I refresh my message without alienating my customer base?


Marketing is about communications, but how often do you struggle with your value proposition, your positioning, or what makes you different? If you were to ask your entire team, would you get the same answer? What is the value of proper messaging to your organization? What is the opportunity cost of poor messaging that fails to resonate with prospects?

Customer-centric messaging

Arketi’s unique methodology for messaging, positioning and value proposition development is built for maximum clarity and consistency. The process is applicable for corporate, product line, customer segments and all levels of decision makers. The outcome is the foundation for all your PR and marketing communications. The benefit is a clear articulation of your position in the marketplace and a messaging architecture that will take you to market.

Great companies ensure their positioning stands out and makes a point. Even more importantly, a real point that customers care about – that is why at Arketi we believe that message development is the starting place for any effective PR or marketing engagement.

For further insight, read our newsletter issue on the subject,  7 Steps to refresh your brand message (and your revenue).

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