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You have a great story. You just need to get it in front of the right people. We’ll help figure out where your prospects go to get news and information. These days, it’s not always the the Wall Street Journal and Gartner reports – depending on your market, WeldingBlog.com may have a better reach. Either way, we’ll find the audience, craft the pitch, and place the story. You get coverage that creates buzz, showcases success stories, and pulls prospects into the funnel.

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In a world of commoditization, where “innovative" is a commonplace claim, the last real differentiator is expertise. What makes your product better? The knowledge you have that others don’t. So let’s get that out there – showcase your success stories and your SMEs, making their expertise accessible and relevant, meaningful and memorable. Buyers aren’t choosing products so much as they’re buying confidence. Together, we'll stake out your position on the high ground.

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Look, you can buy a logo online for $5.95. But there’s more to a brand than that. Images, fonts and colors, sure, but also tone of voice and turns of phrase. The brand is a visual articulation of who you are – and why prospects should care. Our refreshingly non-nonsense approach to branding is highly creative, but driven by business objectives: we’re here to help you sell. With smart templates and simple standards that ensure everything you do looks confident, consistent and compelling.

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Filling the funnel with hot leads was never easy. But the internet has only made it harder, empowering today’s prospects to make buying decisions before engaging with Sales. Today, building a pipeline is more of a long game than ever. With a decade of experience in marketing automation, we can help you implement a lead nurture strategy that attracts prospects with useful, give-to-get content, and keeps them engaged throughout the cycle, until they’re ready to buy.

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Half science, half art, our award-winning messaging process starts out all left-brain – analyzing what makes your business unique, uncovering what customers and prospects really care about. Then our creative side kicks in – crafting those defensible differentiators into messaging that’s relevant, relatable and sticks in the mind. The resulting playbook ensures everyone from CEO on down can comfortably articulate a value proposition that’s proven to resonate with buyers.

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Every buyer’s journey starts online. And in the Darwinian landscape of mentions, likes and “sponsored" posts, just getting noticed above the noise is a constant struggle. We love to do battle on your behalf. Strategy: where do your buyers hang out? Who do they follow? What do they search for? Tactics: what will make them click? How can we start a conversation? What counts as a conversion? Results: Meaningful metrics for management. Dashboards for data-driven decisions. And prospects for the funnel.

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Some products sell themselves. But many BtoB companies still live in the world of the complex sale. And that can be a long, slow dance. The sales team needs support materials that match the prospect’s engagement level – from powerpoint decks, case studies and collateral, to video testimonials, self-demos and online calculators. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves: tell us about your sales process and let’s explore how smart tools can support each step.

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Prospects, potential employees, the media, existing customers… your website is the front door for everyone. But since they're all coming with different objectives, a site that’s just “cool” won’t cut it (though it may still be an advantage). Measure how well your website works by how it engages visitors, generates leads, and sells your product. There’s no one formula for success, but our proven process reliably delivers websites that boost your brand and achieve your business goals.


This integrated approach means we aren’t tied to a single marketing tactic.

And here’s what people say about the results:

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Arketi Group is a high-tech PR and digital marketing firm in Atlanta, Georgia, focused on business-to-business B2B technology public relations and digital marketing for business-to-business products and business services, BtoB product marketing, and technology marketing. Arketi Group specializes in business-to-business digital marketing and PR, technology marketing and public relations, and B2B marketing, helping business-to-business and technology firms with advertising, marketing, public relations (PR), social media, thought leadership, branding, marketing communications, strategy, website design (also known as web site design), interactive, demand generation, content marketing, lead generation, marketing automation and lead nurturing.

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