July 2020
Content marketing drives 8x ROI for Snapfulfil

Content marketing drives 8x ROI for Snapfulfil

With a cool, cloud-based product in a hot technology space – warehouse management – Snapfulfil has built a strong brand and leadership position in its UK home market and Europe. Following the launch and early success of Snapfulfil in the US, the company needed a program of activity to establish the same top-of-mind position in the huge and highly competitive North American market.

To tackle this challenge, Snapfulfil turned to Arketi Group, based on the agency’s deep experience in the supply chain market. The team quickly planned a content-based strategy to position Snapfulfil executives as thought leaders in warehouse management systems technology. This would generate a steady stream of content that could be cross-promoted in lead generation and nurturing emails, as well as on social channels.

Critical to the strategy was the content couldn’t just tout Snapfulfil’s benefits – in order to truly engage customers, it had to contribute to the conversations warehouse managers were already having.

How we did it

Arketi’s content marketing team relished the opportunity to ghostwrite for Snapfulfil’s executives, who are truly subject matter experts, with deep knowledge of WMS technologies, trends, products and pitfalls.

In addition to editorial opportunity pitching, Arketi developed four pieces of content per month for the Snapfulfil blog. Far removed from a sales pitch, this was content that provided actionable advice for warehousing professionals. Warehouse challenge-focused posts covered topics such as inventory and put-away processes, reverse logistics and subscription commerce. Into the mix were added posts promoting Snapfulfil’s latest whitepapers and case studies, as well as summaries of recent Snapfulfil media placements.

Many posts included links to content designed to drive potential customers deeper into Snapfulfil’s site. By gating high-value content, Snapfulfil was able to offer educational collateral while still collecting prospect information.

Understanding that if you build it, they will come – but only if they can find it, Arketi paid great attention to optimizing the new content for search engines. Collaborating with the SEO team, Arketi’s content writers wove into their blog posts the keywords and phrases that Snapfulfil needed to rank for, greatly increasing the content’s visibility for unidentified prospects.

The results we achieved

It wasn’t long before Snapfulfil saw a bump in blog traffic and rankings. In fact, shortly after the content strategy kicked off, a blog post focused on the top warehousing trends to watch in coming twelve months became one of the site’s most-read pages of the year. Months later, the same post continues to drive significant traffic.

And it wasn’t just casual website visitors: these were prospects actively seeking a solution. The new content brought new leads to Snapfulfil’s site, the WMS solution picked up five customers from its organic search efforts.

Within the first year, the results were astounding – for every dollar Snapfulfil spent on Arketi’s marketing efforts, it saw an $8 ROI.

Now entering a second year of partnership, Snapfulfil and Arketi continue to produce blog posts designed to be re-purposed for lead gen efforts, re-examine older blog posts for potential updates and pitch media opportunities to build thought leadership in trade publications.



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