June 2020
NRC Health forges visibility after rebrand

NRC Health forges visibility after rebrand

In today’s healthcare environment, patients increasingly behave like consumers, “shopping around” and picking and choosing between providers and hospitals. This is empowering for patients, but for many providers it presents a challenge: how to understand the people they care for and foster loyalty and trust.

NRC Health helps healthcare providers thrive in this consumer-driven economy, by providing holistic intelligence that helps them design and deliver care experiences that surprise, delight and inspire loyalty.

But NRC Health itself faced a challenge: in an online world crowded with healthcare-focused websites, it was being overlooked. Poor search rankings and low site interaction meant NRC Health’s site was not drawing traffic or fostering engagement.

So, NRC Health turned to Arketi to help build its presence as a leader in patient intelligence, and to drive the conversation around patient experience and loyalty for hospitals.

How we did it

We started by building a robust list of the search terms most relevant to users looking for the services and insights NRC Health provides. The site’s existing content needed an overhaul to ensure each page was focused on a single specific keyword – and conversely that, for each keyword we were targeting, there was a specific page relevant to that keyword.

We then took a deep dive into how users interacted with the site – which content was viewed most often, and for longest, as well as how many conversions were related to each type of content. This allowed us to decide the best way to approach creating new, relevant and searchable content that would engage visitors, as well as improving ranking. Working closely together with NRC Health, we developed a number of infographics, blog posts and whitepapers that fit this bill.

In parallel to this content strategy, the Arketi search team started working on link-building. Since incoming links, known as “backlinks,” are a critical factor in search ranking, cultivating links was an important strategy. But not all links are created equal: we focused on links from sites with high domain authority, whose SEO value would enhance NRC Health’s Google profile. “Pitching” content and links is similar to traditional PR pitching; it’s a time-consuming activity with no shortcuts – but there’s also no substitute for the value it delivers when done thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Along with compelling content to drive organic traffic, the Arketi team recommended putting into place targeted PR outreach to position NRC Health as a thought leader in patient experience and loyalty.

The results we achieved

In just the first six months, NRC Health saw significant improvements in the visibility and performance of the website. The number of keywords for which the site now ranks on the first page of Google jumped from 54 to 208, with the number of backlinks from other sites increasing more than threefold, from 1,600 to 5,300. As a result, organic site traffic grew by 47% as a whole – and the number new visitors shot up over 60%.

Arketi has continued to create original content to establish NRC Health’s thought leadership, including an e-book focused on patient loyalty. With the increase in site traffic and the continuous focus on link growth, NRC Health is well-positioned to solidify its role as the leader in patient loyalty.



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