Not Your Father’s Buying Decision

How 3 Generations of B2B Technology Buyers Decide What to Purchase

Arketi Group asked 3 generations of B2B buyers – Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials – about their role in their organizations’ technology buying process. Some of their responses upturn much of the conventional wisdom about influences and influencers in the buying cycle.

Technology buyers refer to different sources of information at each stage of their decision-making process. We asked buyers making technology purchases of $10,000 or more what sources they turn to when, at the so-called top of the sales funnel, they seek to understand and explore a possible business problem; in the middle of the funnel, as they research alternative technology solutions; and at the bottom of the funnel, as they narrow down a shortlist of solutions to choose from.

We hope you enjoyed clicking around our interactive infographic and that you learned more about your generational cohorts’ B2B buying habits. To learn more, scroll to the foot of the page and request the complete report.

Explore how B2B tech buyers’ information preferences change as they move through the different stages of the funnel...

... And see here how information-gathering preferences vary between one generation and another.



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