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How much does social media matter in a B2B world? Do my customers look at Pinterest? And what is an RSS feed anyway?

If questions like this are keeping you awake at night, or even if you just want a second opinion, Arketi Group is here to help. We won’t claim to have every answer – this is the web, nobody knows everything – but we have a proven process for evaluating your company’s social media landscape so we can build and execute a plan that is right for you and the audience you’re targeting.

It starts with the Arketi Social Media MarkSM – an insightful competitive diagnostic that compares your versus your peer group’s share of online “voice” and use of social media tools and techniques.

With this in hand, we quickly move to building a social media plan that is anchored in activities most likely to produce business results, not just hype. This plan becomes an integral part your overall PR and marketing strategy, ensuring a coordinated approach to social media activities which may include:

  • Blog creation, maintenance and blogger relations
  • Online community or user group building
  • SEO-enhanced news release distribution
  • Social bookmark and Twitter distribution
  • Podcast programs
  • YouTube channel creation and development
  • Social Media WatchSM

As user-generated content becomes increasingly significant in shaping the way brands are built, maintained and perceived, it’s good to know that your partner in this emerging area is not a novice.

Social media and search marketing is just one offering within our PR practice area. Read about our other offerings:

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Social Media’s Role in the BtoB World - Watch Now

Social Media’s Role in the BtoB World

Arketi Group Principal Mike Neumeier, APR, examines the role of social media in the BtoB marketing mix and details key components of effective social media strategies. 

In addition to providing real world case studies of BtoB companies successfully leveraging social media, Neumeier shares results from the Arketi Web Watch Survey, which explores how BtoB journalists use social media to find story ideas and check credentials.