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Building a bridge to more inclusion

TAG needed to bring its DE&I program to life, so it could secure funding and support from members. Arketi stepped in to provide product marketing expertise and develop a compelling name, message and product-driven launch strategy.

In the Trenches: Product Marketing with Daneen Heislitz

Conversations with real-world B2B marketers doing hands-on marketing that generates revenue and accelerates growth

Top 10 B2B marketing trends for 2023

What do you get when 70+ marketing executives converge? Powerful ideas, tricks of the trade and a behind-the-curtain look at their expectations for the next year.

Happy holidays from Arketi!

As 2023 approaches, we’re celebrating and reflecting on another fantastic year working alongside each other and our tight-knit community of marketers and communicators. In the spirit of the season, we asked our team to share their favorite holiday drinks and mixes. Shake the snow globe to discover your favorite new tipple! 

Five principles to generate revenue with digital marketing

Arketi’s B2B digital marketing gurus put their collective brains together to identify five principles for upping your digital marketing game. These are the top five.

Fiserv Gift Card Gauge generates inbound leads

Fiserv wanted to provide its audience with a broader view of gift card trends and how consumers use them in their daily lives. The company partnered with Arketi Group to conduct in-depth research on the topic and translate our findings into an integrated marketing and public relations campaign.

5 principles for B2B public relations

The ‘death’ of public relations has been greatly exaggerated. Rather, our sphere of influence has grown. Audiences have more freedom and choice than ever, and the same goes for how we approach engaging them.

A call to action: Experience the metaverse

It is important for us as communicators to approach new technologies with a healthy mix of skepticism and optimism. Rather than discount them outright, consider innovative technology a call to action. One where it is our job to take that leap of faith so we can understand how and if the solution fits within our work.

Webinars that generate revenue? It can be done!

Iron Mountain saw an opportunity to educate and lead its audience through this digital transformation. It would use its expertise and thought leadership to engage customers, generate demand and steer its industry forward. 

5 principles for effective B2B content marketing

Meaningful content makes an impact on the reader and leaves them wanting more. Read on for five principles for building B2B content that stands out.

Körber conquers supply chain complexity

Combining 12 software and automation companies with a footprint spanning six continents requires collaboration on a grand scale – aligning ideas, processes and operations to ensure each organization can integrate flawlessly into one united business.

5 best practices for building a B2B website

When creating a new website, decisions often focus on the visual. However, a B2B website’s performance and the business outcomes it generates are driven by factors beyond design alone – some of which happen behind the scenes.

The business of purpose: finding, activating and nurturing your company’s why

Arketi Group believes that if business leaders want to make a difference in the world while establishing a successful, long-lasting company, purpose is critical to making that vision a reality.

Integrated communications drive brand awareness and engagement for DefenseStorm

DefenseStorm and Arketi collaborated to launch an integrated communications campaign designed to increase brand awareness and engagement for the FinTech.

A Q&A with Kelly Gay

Arketi Group CEO Mike Neumeier, APR, recently chatted with Kelly Gay, former SVP & GM of IoT Vertical Markets at Sierra Wireless, former Co-CEO and COO at Numerex, and former CEO and President at Omnilink Systems and KnowledgeStorm.

Happy holidays from Arketi!

The end of the year is a time for reflection, gratitude and celebration. In the best holiday tradition, we’ve compiled a calendar of moments, musings and meditations from every member of the Arketi team.

Top 10 trends from the Tech CMO Roundtable

Arketi Group recently hosted our 15th Annual Tech CMO Roundtable and as usual, the room was abuzz with collegial conversations, informative insights, and plenty to ponder.

What's up with B2B digital marketing?

Digital marketing is experiencing a massive transformation and everything that held true a few years ago is no longer the case today.

Summer Bucket of Fun faves

All good things must come to an end. For now. Alas, Arketi Group’s Summer Bucket of Fun (#SBOF) has gone into hibernation until next spring, and we’ll miss the bright yellow pail dearly.


Arketi recently talked with five senior executives to learn how they lead with intention and put purpose into action. Here’s what they told us.

What really matters in search?

Join us as we take a deep dive into how search works and what really matters in search engine optimization for B2B websites today.

Time to up your thought leadership game?

More than a million people describe themselves as a “thought leader” in their LinkedIn profiles. That’s a lot of thinking, and leading! And it got us thinking, too – about why so many people claim that title, and what is a good thought leader anyway?

Are our 2021 marketing predictions on point?

As mid-year approaches, it’s the perfect time to glance back and revisit four Arketi Group marketing and communications predictions published by Forbes. Yep, 2020 has forever changed how we do business.

Communicate like a boss

Take advantage of our tips, tricks and snackable tidbits to keep your team connected as remote work continues

2020 in review

So, how was 2020 for you? We're guessing that - despite everything - you accomplished Quite A Lot. As did we. So, just for fun, we thought we'd share some of the highlights of the year at Arketi, and what we achieved on behalf of amazing B2B tech clients like you!

Arketi wishes you and yours happy holidays!

2020 has been one unpredictable, wild ride of a year. But we’ve come through it with flying colors and are happy to share this holiday gift with you — the gift of knowledge.

Check out our brand spanking new digs!

Come take a virtual tour of Team Arketi's new home

We're moving! We decided 2021 needed a very fresh start

Instead of sanitizing our old office, we got a new one!

The Perfect Partnership: Marketing and Product

Three ways B2B marketing and communication teams can help product management and product marketing teams bring their new offerings to market

21 Pandemic Pastimes Revealed

Self-isolation and quarantine carry on. But there are some positives during this time because Arketi team members have either discovered new hobbies or resurrected long-forgotten ones. Man yoga, gardening, gaming and so on. (Although no one has fessed up to growing an ant farm or sewing clothes for their pets…yet.)

It's time for internal communications departments to shine

Current circumstances confirm what internal communications experts have known all along: among the most credible sources of information during a time of crisis are employers.

Three critical insights for building your return-to-office plan

Only 10% of global Chief Communications Officers say they have done extensive planning for employees’ return to the office once work-from-home restrictions are lifted – according to the Institute for Public Relations.

More insight and inspiration from The Summit 2020

Last month we gave a summary of four key sessions and workshops that took place during The Summit 2020, the Technology Association of Georgia’s flagship event. But there were many more interesting and insightful sessions at The Summit than we had space for – so this month, here are four more workshop synopses we think you’ll enjoy.

That’s a wrap!
Arketi Group summarizes The Summit 2020 – Georgia’s premier annual technology conference

More than 1,300 technology professionals meet in Atlanta to network, learn from each other

The Summit is nearly here: don’t miss out on Georgia’s premier technology event

The state’s most prominent technology, business and thought leaders gather to explore the tech trends driving innovation today.

Happy holidays from Arketi!

Click on the present to see some of the Arketi team’s favorite holiday moments and memories.

How to hire a data geek...even if you don’t know much about data

Data is the new black, at least when it comes to marketing. But while there’s general agreement data is a competitive advantage in B2B marketing, its power is still largely untapped. Forrester Research put spending on marketing technology at $96 billion in 2018 and predicts it will top $122 billion by 2022. So, if it’s not lack of investment that’s holding us back, what is it?

Fun facts to ponder this summer

For our summer edition we’ve traditionally shared Team Arketi’s favorite books, recipes, and so on. This year, we thought we’d keep things more business-like – but equally entertaining – by asking Arketi people to share their favorite datapoints… facts and figures that have surprised them, intrigued them or otherwise made them think. We hope you find them interesting too!

Five PR and Marketing Takeaways from Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report

When you give advice to management on marketing plans, campaigns and messaging, what type of feedback do you receive?

High-tech research on a low-tech budget

When you give advice to management on marketing plans, campaigns and messaging, what type of feedback do you receive?

Four trends shaping B2B engagement

In many ways, B2B marketing is a lot like ice hockey. Forget about the pads, helmets and skates. Thriving marketers and PR pros agree with the advice of Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, whose father Walter once told him: “Don’t skate to where the puck is – skate to where it’s going to be.”

How B2B marketers should eat the data elephant

Everyone loves data, especially chief marketing officers (CMOs). They’re proverbial kids in a candy store – thrilled with so many choices – but perhaps puzzled by which piece to pick up first.

Arketi Group skates to the puck in 2019

In many ways, B2B marketing is a lot like ice hockey. Forget about the pads, helmets and skates. Thriving marketers and PR pros agree with the advice of Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, whose father Walter once told him: “Don’t skate to where the puck is – skate to where it’s going to be.”

Looking back, looking forward: a new year and new energy

What a way to start 2019! Success from the past 12 months – and a little downtime over the holiday – has invigorated the Arketi team as we kick off the new year. We can’t wait to keep the momentum going – in fact we haven’t – as we build new and existing relationships and anticipate future success together.

Happy holidays from Arketi!

Click on the present to see some of the Arketi team’s favorite holiday moments and memories.

Educational webcasts drive engagement and sales

As the world goes digital, businesses that used to handle lots of sensitive paper records – from doctors’ offices and attorneys to insurance agents and mortgage brokers – are now grappling with how to manage, protect, and when necessary, destroy digital records instead.

Building a brand for a machine-smart payments protector

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new tactics, attempting to stay one step ahead of banks’ detection and defenses.

NRC Health forges visibility after rebrand

In today's healthcare environment, patients increasingly behave like consumers, “shopping around” and picking and choosing between providers and hospitals.

Marketing reboot takes GT Software from legacy to leading edge.

Mainframes may be perceived by many as old technology, but they still power everything from banks to airlines to power plants. But today, these computing workhorses must interact with newer technology, such as web and mobile apps.

Cox Business Builds Awareness, Thought Leadership in Crowded Small Business Arena

From Amex to Zendesk, there are hundreds of technology vendors vying for the minds – and wallets – of entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Cox Communications is well known for its high speed internet and cable TV services in 18 states nationwide, but this big brand presence at times overshadows its Cox Business division, which provides a variety of services from broadband and phone to physical security systems for 350,000 SMBs in these same markets.

Riskonnect’s Thought Leadership Campaign Forges Industry Category

In business, risk is everywhere – employee health and safety, compliance, taxes, vendor management – and the list continues to grow. Riskonnect helps company leadership understand and manage risk across the enterprise, and has become a trusted resource for many of the Fortune 500. But with numerous competitors and new risks flooding the market, Riskonnect realized it needed to position itself as more than a point solution – to become the face of integrated risk management.

Thought leadership campaign spotlights executive

There’s no shortage of small business technology experts doling out advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. NCR Silver, the small business division of point-of-sale giant NCR, recognized that its president, Chris Poelma, had a unique background and expertise that would set him apart from the crowd.

Content Marketing Drives 8x ROI for Snapfulfil

When software developers need to ensure their apps and websites perform flawlessly on every kind of mobile device, they turn to Mobile Labs’ best-in-class mobile testing and development solution.

Mobile Labs’ New Website Drives Lead Generation Growth

When software developers need to ensure their apps and websites perform flawlessly on every kind of mobile device, they turn to Mobile Labs’ best-in-class mobile testing and development solution.

Arketi’s Holiday Cookbook

The winter holidays are upon us! That means friends, family, gifts, and of course great food! So dive on in and check out Arketi’s favorite winter recipes. We’ve got appetizers, sides, main courses and of course desserts.

Marketing Communication Measurements That Matter with Andy Hilton

Measurements That Matter: Communication Andy Hilton of ADP shares how to make sense of the wide range of channels used to market to prospects and to measure the success of a campaign.

The Best Marketing Communication Measurements and Methods

The Best Marketing Communication Measurements and Methods Marketers work at a breakneck pace today. With thousands of communication measurement tools and hundreds of data points to analyze, it can be hard just to find a starting point, let alone uncover any meaningful insights. If only someone could simplify the task!

Website Measurements that Matter with Daniel Lemin

Marketing Measurements That Matter: Website You’ve poured time, money and very likely blood, sweat and tears into your new website… now, how do you know it’s delivering? Google Analytics is packed with metrics – more than 200 – so how does one decide which ones to focus on?

Marketing Measurements that Matter with Equifax’s Vice President of Solutions Marketing Laurie Hood

Marketing Measurements That Matter: FinTech Today corporate marketers have access to more data, information and insights than ever before. All this Big Data should help us measure marketing in ways previously not possible. Let's learn the measurements that matter to Equifax Vice President of Solutions Marketing Laurie Hood.

Social media guru Serena Ehrlich on the best social media metrics to measure

Measurements That Matter: Social Media Let’s get it on social. Stand up a social campaign. What’s going on with our social? These days to say #ItIsAllAboutSocial is no stretch. So, what measurements really matter to communications teams when talking social?

Arketi’s Summer Cookbook

At Arketi, there's nothing we love more than delicious food and refreshing drinks — especially in the summertime… and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone.

Demand Generation Measurements that Matter with SiriusDecisions’ Jen Horton

Measurements That Matter: Demand Generation In a sea of demand generation metrics and measurements, how do you know which are critical to success – and which will just get in the way? We spent some time with Jen Horton, vice president and group director of demand services at SiriusDecisions, to get her unique perspective on sorting out the confusion.

SEO Wizard Rand Fishkin Shares The 3 Most Important SEO Metrics

Measurements That Matter: SEO Should you care about keyword rankings or backlinks? What about engagement metrics? How do you know what to measure during your SEO campaigns? We interviewed the one and only Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz and SEO guru, to find out what he thinks are the measurements that matter for search.

Content Marketing Guru Michael Brenner On How To Measure Content

Measurements That Matter: Content Marketing Today, more than ever, marketing teams are being held accountable for delivering business results. Continuing our Measurements that Matter series, we recently chatted with Michael Brenner, a best-selling author, keynote speaker and CEO of Marketing Insider Group, to discuss why and how to measure the impact of content marketing.

How Do You Measure PR? Katie Paine The Measurement Queen Shows Us How

Measurements That Matter: Public Relations To kick off our Measurements that Matter series, we spoke with Katie Delahaye Paine, best known as The Measurement Queen, to discuss what measurements are most important for PR, how to measure them and even some tips and tools to try out.

B2B tech marketing has come a long way…

Think back to what your world looked like just a decade ago. The iPhone was still a super-secret project at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, Facebook was only three years old and Twitter was just preparing for its official launch.

Top tracks for the holidays

From “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” to the “The Little Drummer Boy,” it’s time to “Deck the Halls” as you rock out to our all-time holiday tunes.

Paid search campaign soars above expectations

Quantity vs. quality – when it comes to leads, most Sales teams will say they want both. So what do you do when your paid search campaign is driving low quality leads that don’t convert to customers? That was the challenge UL EHS Sustainability had been grappling with when they engaged Arketi Group.

7 Steps to refresh your brand message (and your revenue)

If the last time you updated your corporate messaging, “Gangnam Style” was topping the charts, your customers may be turned off by what’s likely a stale message. Customer concerns, needs and attitudes are always evolving. And if you’re not keeping up then you’re falling behind.

Global Acquisitions Call for a Global Rebrand

In 2015, HighJump Software was in the midst of a successful growth-by-acquisition strategy. However, the acquisitions left the global supply chain software provider with multiple brands and websites, and a less than coordinated global market identity.

Our summer reading list

Summer is in full swing, filled with road trips, beach getaways and lazy Sundays, kick back with the Arketi team’s favorite summer reading picks for the communications pro. From tried-and-true classics to new releases, there’s sure to be something to pique your interest. Each recommendation is guaranteed to show you something new about businesses, without feeling like work.

Your essential media relations checklist

Whether you are fresh to the PR scene or a media relations veteran, pitching reporters can be one of the most trying aspects of your job. Why? Reporters are busy. In fact, Cision estimates reporters receive between 80 and 100 pitches per day (and you thought you had inbox overload!). While breaking through the clutter can seem almost impossible, Arketi outlines five ways to help you establish better relationships with reporters and transform your pitches into placements.

Not your father’s technology buying decision

Millennials are now the largest generational group in America’s workforce. This milestone got us thinking, how much is this changing of the generations affecting B2B buying process?

Five account-based marketing mistakes you’re probably making

Whether account-based marketing a truly innovative concept or just marketing's latest shiny new toy, one thing is for sure. It won't deliver results if you don't do it right.

Prediction is hard. Especially about the future.

It's too soon to declare 2016 the year of anything in particular. Instead, we asked 18 leading B2B marketers to share their thoughts on the trends, tactics and tools to watch for. The weather reports may look dull, but the marketing forecast appears bright!

The 8 videos you meet in B2B marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is a motion picture worth? That seems to be the thinking behind the rapid rise of video in B2B marketing. To help ensure success in your next video project, we’ve outlined 8 types of B2B videos you should be using – plus a few tips to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Winning webinar results in revenue

Let’s face it: document storage isn’t exactly sexy. But as the volume of business data grows exponentially, physical and electronic records management is a concern that can’t be ignored. Recall enlisted Arketi Group to help position itself as an educator and trusted advisor. And the effort paid off, generating $290,000 in sales pipeline from a single webinar alone.

4 Things Worth Considering for PR and SEO To Get Along

With the typical B2B researcher performing 12 online searches before engaging with a brand, search and PR are on a collision course. To ensure that collision results in collaboration rather than recrimination, here are four things worth considering...

Small business, big buzz

For technology providers selling to small businesses, generating media buzz in a crowded market can be challenging. NCR Small Business turned to Arketi Group to help them build awareness and draw more prospects into the funnel. (Spoiler: it worked out pretty well.)

What we’re reading this summer

Whether you’re on the go, headed to the beach or wrapping up the final volume in your favorite series, a good book can help you escape the mundane work week. To add to your current book list, we asked the Arketi team to share some of their favorite reads. From biographies to thrillers, there’s something for everyone. Perhaps a few of these best-selling business books and engaging novels will make it onto your summer reading selection.

Out of many, one

How do you build a brand for a newly-renamed company when many of its products have better-known names than their parent? Here’s how Aptean and Arketi brought order to chaos – and $21 million to the funnel.

Why Asking Why Makes Us Better Marketers [Fast Tips]

The Arketi team has started asking “why?” more. It’s not that we’ve regressed back to our toddler days. Rather, we believe this simple question has the power to make all of us better marketers.

Searching for love lawyers leads online

Online search lets scrappy startups be found by new customers as easily as established providers. Which sounds great – unless you’re the established provider.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Arketi Group!

Every year, we like to kick off Halloween with a little healthy competition – otherwise known as the Annual Arketi Pumpkin Carving Contest.

7 Web Design Trends That Will Stick Around

The web is constantly evolving, and the impact a website has can make all the difference to a discerning customer. After all, your website is the most significant place to share your brand’s story with an audience.

Top 10 Best B2B Marketing Blogs to Follow [Fast-Read List]

The B2B marketing space is getting a bit crowded, don’t you think? And with the growing number of marketers drowning in email campaigns, marketing channels and the next big thing, it can be hard to know where to turn. Here's the top 10 best B2B marketing blogs to follow

Your New Secret Weapon in SEO is PR

Google is understandably secretive about the algorithm it uses to decide how to rank web pages in its search results. However, a recent patent filing may offer some clues – and encouraging news for PR professionals.

Five Search Secrets Every PR Pro Should Know

While they take different approaches, PR and SEO both aim to achieve the same goal – growing an organizations brand presence in the market place. So it’s smart to align strategies to create a bigger impact using both inbound and outbound tactics.

Arketi's and TAG's Tech Tweet Twitter War Is A Slam Dunk

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) is dedicated to the advancement of Georgia’s technology industry. TAG and Arketi Group partnered to launch the Technology Tweet Tournament Twitter competition.

How Arketi Client Cortera Generated a Firestorm of Leads

Cortera, a provider of comprehensive business-to-business payment and purchase behavior insights, had a simple goal when they engaged Arketi. They wanted to generate several hundred new sales leads each month.

Who Needs a PR or Marketing Agency?

We are often asked, “How do I know when I need an agency?” or “Do we have the right situation to hire an agency?” An agency can be a critical tool and resource to help your organization generate revenue. These four questions should help you decide if you need an agency partner.

Summer Fling: Books to Help You Get Away

Summer is the perfect time to relax poolside with a good book. To help add to your summer reading list, we asked the Arketi team to share their personal recommendations. Check out the list – we guarantee there is something for every type of bookworm!

How PMG Used Survey Data to Drive Thought Leadership

Earlier this year, PMG, a provider of business process automation software, and Arketi Group brainstormed PR strategies to help the company capture more industry mind-share and media attention. The joint team settled on the idea of a thought-leadership survey campaign that would focus on a major concern of its target audience, IT professionals: the proliferation of cloud solutions in the enterprise.

How to Right Size Your Messaging Approach

While many BtoB marketers understand the importance of creating “sticky” messaging that resonates with customers and prospects, they may feel they don’t have sufficient time to develop solid messaging because of a real or perceived need to rush to market. Even with adequate time and budget, others struggle to use a message approach that best suits their company’s need to communicate effectively and drive sales.

How to Give a Presentation in 9 Words

All communications professionals are called on to give presentations from time to time, and for many, the prospect can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be hard. The secret to a great presentation can be summed up in nine simple words.

How Arketi Client Brickstream Broke Through at NRF

In November 2012, Brickstream, a developer of behavior intelligence solutions for environments where people shop, gather, work and play, asked Arketi Group to craft and execute a strategy to re-launch the 12-year-old company at the largest retail show in North America – NRF's Annual Convention & EXPO, otherwise known as "Retail's BIG Show."

CMOs Discuss What 2013 Holds for B2B Technology Marketing

The sixth annual Technology CMO Roundtable, presented by Arketi and our media partner PR News, buzzed with ideas, best practices, learnings, questions and – most importantly – actionable insights. With more than 50 marketing and PR executives at 14 roundtables, this was the largest such event to date. During the sometimes spirited conversations, five consistent themes emerged.

Eight Rewarding – and Awarding – PR and Marketing Tips

Recently, Arketi and clients earned 13 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) awards at the 2012 PRSA|GA Phoenix Awards Celebration. Upon reflection, we’ve distilled eight learnings from our entries that may be of interest to BtoB marketers.

The Personal Path to Customer Connections

Earlier this year, International Data Corp. conducted its “2012 Buyer Experience Study,” in which the research firm polled nearly 200 BtoB technology buyers on the reasons why they buy. The survey asked respondents to rate how various information sources influence their technology purchase decisions. If the responses were to be summed up in a few words, they’d simply state that, “buyers need love too.”

Best of the B2B Marketing News Blog

Earlier this year, Arketi’s B2B Marketing News was named a best B2B blog of 2012 in The Best of BuyerZone series. BuyerZone applauded Arketi’s strong mix of knowledgeable contributors with diverse BtoB marketing and PR thinking. We’ve reflected on our favorite posts and rounded up six of our best.

Bulletproof Your Marketing Budget

As marketers, we’re all familiar with the adage “Half my advertising dollars are wasted – I just don’t know which half.” During the past decade, our CEOs and CFOs have given up worrying about which half it is – they’ve just slashed the marketing budget, and left you to figure out where to make the savings. And if you want more budget, you’d better have a bulletproof case for it.

Top 10 Features for the Best B2B Website User Experience

Arketi clients often ask us what features and functionality they should incorporate into their websites. Here's our top 10 must-haves for a buyer-centric B2B site.

Stop Pitching. Start Listening.

Media relations is key to the overall success of your company’s marketing strategy, but if you’re like most companies, you’d like more success. We have a suggestion – Stop Pitching. Start Listening.

Stop Pitching. Start Listening.

These days, there is a mobile app for everything. While some enhance productivity and advance our professional endeavors, others are enjoyed purely for their entertainment value. Arketians and a few clients sound off on their favorite apps for this summer. Did any of your favorites make the cut? Check out the list of top apps!

From Buyers to Believers

We’ve all read articles on marketing and client service comparing the cost of keeping an existing customer to the cost of acquiring a new one. Across almost every industry, new customers cost more than old ones – so customer satisfaction, as a means to retention, is “job one” for most businesses.

Stop Selling. Start Listening.

As BtoB marketers, we’ve been bombarded with the mandate to drive ever more leads through email marketing, overwhelmed by the social media du jour, and enthralled by the promise of marketing automation... So much so that we've forgotten who's really at the center of the buying process: the buyer.

CMOs Discuss What 2012 Holds for Business-to-Business Technology Marketing

Some 60 marketing executives from leading technology companies across the Southeast gathered to discuss the current and state of marketing within the business-to-business technology sector – and prospects for 2012.

The Role of Collateral In a Digital Age

Traditionally, marketers have used printed collateral to communicate key messages and build a consistent brand image among customers and prospects. Now that email and the web are our primary means of information exchange, there are new considerations for what we used to call “collateral.”

Building a Successful Speakers Bureau: Getting Behind the Right Podium and Generating Results

Ever wanted to see the words “Industry Expert” in front of your name? In the quest for thought leadership, the speaker circuit can, if executed strategically, drive both brand awareness and lead generation. Here's how...

So make way to start a Revolution…

Using a content management system (CMS) makes it much easier to update web content, by enabling non-technical authors to submit, edit or change content without knowledge of HTML. Today, open-source CMS systems like MODx are increasingly popular. Recently, Charles, one of Arketi’s digital designers, joined a group of developers, designers and web jockeys at the MODxpo 2010 in Dallas. He captured his thoughts about the conference, which drew more than 1,000 web professionals, to discuss the hottest and most advanced CMS.

CMOs Discuss What 2010 Holds For B2B Technology Marketers

More than twenty marketing executives from leading technology companies throughout the Southeast gathered to share their thoughts on the state of B2B marketing in Arketi’s third annual Atlanta High-Tech CMO Roundtable. The proceedings from the event are featured in Arketi’s latest white paper, The Outlook for Business-to-Business Technology Marketing in 2010.

CMOs Speak on What 2009 Holds For High-Tech Business to Business Marketers

Arketi Group’s second annual Atlanta High-Tech CMO Roundtable provided valuable insight into the current and future state of marketing within the business-to-business and technology sectors.

The Importance of Repositioning

Arketi Group recently interviewed Ajay Murthy, vice president of global marketing at Convergys Corporation, about his company’s recent repositioning. When Murthy joined Convergys, it had recently embarked on the creation of a new vision to better articulate the value the company brings to the markets it serves. Following more than a decade of growth and numerous acquisitions, Convergys had become a company with varied and seemingly unrelated lines of business. Murthy recognized it was time to develop brand positioning that tied the company’s collective expertise and experience together.

Making Email Newsletters Work Better

Like a stick of butter in a Paula Deen recipe, the email newsletter has become the mainstay of every BtoB marketer’s arsenal, the “of course” ingredient in the marketing mix.

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