Arketi Friday Flyer 10-9-20

Welcome to the Arketi Friday Flyer!

Another week comes and goes here at Arketi. And what a week it was! We welcomed our newest Arketian, Destiny, and Pink Mike is raising more money than a Silicon Valley startup. On top of that, the CMO roundtable is next week! Oh and in case you were wondering how Fat Bear Week ended, Chunk was edged out in the final to Bear 747. So close. Enjoy another week of the Arketi Friday Flyer!

B2B Marketing

More than two-thirds (68%) of B2B buyers say the length of their purchase cycles has increased, on average, compared with a year ago. With 82% of B2B buyers saying their decisions are now based on changing needs, it’s important to realize how increased competition and the pandemic have increased B2B sales cycles. (Marketing Profs: How the B2B Purchase Process Has Changed in 2020)


Asked to look back over the last 12 months as a whole, 31% of content marketers said their organization had been “extremely” or “very” successful with content marketing, and 83% of them attributed that success to the “value our content provides.” Check out this annual report recap on B2B content marketing trends to see which types of content are most successful. (MarketingProfs: B2B Content Marketing Report: Benchmarks, Budgets, Trends, and COVID-19 Response)


On the topic of content marketing, we are seeing many B2B marketers having trouble producing enough content to reach and engage audiences in 2020. This can be summed up to a full digital shift, or trouble reaching the right audiences. (The Drum: B2B marketers are struggling to produce enough content amid the pandemic)

B2B Public Relations

Many things have changed in PR since the pandemic. For example, people are reading more so keep placing those bylined articles! It’s also important to be careful with how we position the pandemic and other difficult topics in our pitches and writing. However, with a strong understanding of what it actually means to conduct PR, you can make confident, smart decisions and stand out in this strange sea of chaotic coronavirus content. (Forbes: How To Use The True Power Of PR To Navigate The Pandemic)


This made headlines all over the Public Relations industry, but if you haven’t heard, Tesla has disbanded any remnants of its PR department. There is plenty of speculation around their unique tactics, many of which suggest a shift in focus to Elon Musk and Twitter. (PR Daily: What Tesla’s move to eliminate its PR department means for the industry)


Virtual Events

Between crowded calendars and Zoom fatigue, the challenge of crafting a standout virtual event that will keep attendees engaged throughout is growing increasingly difficult for meeting planners. But in a world that will see many more virtual events, it’s important to find some ways to create a more engaging experience. (Meetings Group: Creative Ways to Liven Up Digital Events)



By Grant Tucker – October 9, 2020

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