Arketi Friday Flyer 10-2-20

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What an EXCITING week. The Atlanta heat has finally subsided, October is finally upon us, and… it’s Fat Bear Week! I’m sure you are all informed on FBW, but I’ll break it down for you just in case. Katmai National Park has an annual bracket challenge to determine which brown bear at the park has been the most successful in packing on the pounds ahead of hibernation. This is a great PR move by the national park if you ask me. My money is on Chunk but Grazer could definitely be a sleeper. That was an A+ hibernation joke. Enjoy another week of the Flyer thanks for bearing with me!

B2B Public Relations and Marketing

Often the best ideas are not just plucked out of mid-air. They are inspired by pre-existing content, ideas or campaigns. So, it’s no surprise that constant exposure is key to creative PR and Marketing. In this year of creativity, here are 5 ways to foster that creative environment. (PR Daily: 5 ways to foster creativity in your PR and marketing team)


How do you generate business leads? There’s no silver bullet to answer that question, but one tactic is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At least 50 percent (yup, 50 percent) of our leads come through organic search, and mostly via Google, which still dominates. (PR News: 5 Simple SEO Tips to Help Generate Business Leads)


At Arketi, we are very familiar with the Buyer’s Journey. Varied types of content can strategically introduce a company, build awareness, present differentiators, and eventually win the business. Here’s a quick infographic to break down these pieces of content and how they move prospects through the buyer’s journey. Find the full infographic here. (MarketingProfs: Effective Content Types for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey)


 Social Media Marketing

In case you haven’t seen it, companies like Lego and Nike have been on fire with their social media content. It’s interesting, funny, edgy and meaningful. Although these B2C companies leverages their products, B2B companies can still learn a few lessons. (PR News: The Secret Behind Lego’s Great Social Content is Basic) and (SocialMedia Biz: The Secret Behind Nike’s Great Social Media Content)

B2B Messaging

As the demand for virtual/hybrid events continues to grow, we need to factor in how we define our approach by focusing on who our audience really is, and then use those insights to design the outcomes and content for our event. Recalibrating how you assess event objectives makes all the difference when creating attendee experiences that drive engagement, impact, legacy, and behavior change. (MarketingProfs: Post-Pandemic Event Checklist: Audience-Centric Innovation and Messaging)


By Grant Tucker – October 2, 2020

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