Arketi Friday Flyer 7-31-20

Welcome to the Arketi Friday Flyer!

Here at Arketi, we are constantly evolving our tactics, part of which includes finding interesting articles, infographics, videos and more. And, we would like to bring these findings to you! In this regular news report, we will be sharing some of our favorite finds from the week focused around public relations, digital marketing, and all things B2B technology.


B2B Marketing

A landing page is often a prospective customer’s first impression of what your B2B company has to offer. And while there’s no exact science to creating landing pages, here are six things you should think about when developing them. This article also includes some great examples from other B2B companies. (SearchEngineJournal)

As marketers, we are uniquely positioned to bring a voice to the brands we represent. This means that we also have a responsibility to use inclusive language in every aspect of our communications. Take a look into this piece for a few examples of inclusive language we can tie into our communications. (AdWeek)

Business and marketing plans crafted earlier this year may not apply to a COVID-19 world. B2B companies must alter how and what they sell to adjust to the economic and societal conditions bought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Check out these eight pivots that B2B companies should keep in mind. (eMarketer)

B2B Content Marketing

Just about every B2B company has a blog of some sort, but are you really maximizing its’ potential? And are industry analyst reports really worth the investment? Here are five questions you should be thinking about to strengthen your targeted content strategy. (PR News)

B2B Public Relations

Last week, we saw how to make our executives and subject matter experts “media-friendly” before putting them in front of a reporter. This week, take a look at how we as PR professionals can form a relationship with reporters and be “media-friendly” ourselves. (PR News)

Company Culture

It’s been four months since the abrupt shift to full-remote work—much longer than we probably expected. We have all done a great job of retaining most aspects of our pre-pandemic work life, but it’s fair to say that some things aren’t the same. Here are six ways to maintain a strong company culture in a remote environment. We may not be high fiving down the hall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a virtual alternative. (PRSA)


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