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Today in “stories that should’ve made the front page”, Germany’s agricultural ministry is working on passing a law that affects 9.4 million much-loved Germans. That’s right, this new law will order Germans to walk their dogs twice a day. And in other news, Netflix is testing a “shuffle” button to help you avoid those days when you spend more time browsing Netflix than actually watching something. Now on to the good stuff… your Arketi Friday Flyer!


B2B Public Relations and Writing

This just in: bylined articles are a hit, podcast listening is up and indie and alternative media might just be “mainstream”. The pandemic has unsurprisingly changed the way we consume media, so get writing (and recording). Here are three PR Trends to invest in during the pandemic… and beyond! (PRNews)

Correctly quoting material can be an ongoing challenge for writers, especially when trying to weave them into other texts. Should your lead-in end in a comma, or a colon, or nothing at all? When should you—or shouldn’t you—capitalize the first word of the quote? The answers to these questions may be second nature to you, but if not, check this piece out. (PRDaily)

B2B Marketing

Anyone in the digital marketing space is probably aware of Google’s announcement in January regarding the phasing out of Chrome’s third-party cookie support. This might have been a shock to anyone using cookies to track audiences, but it’s not all bad. For one, global privacy concerns about the use of their personal data are at an all-time high. Read more inside. (MarketingProfs)

Customer surveys are one of the most useful tools for collecting data, so what can we do to motivate our customers to take these surveys? Well, according to this report, 74% of respondents say they are motivated if they are being rewarded while 57% say they simply want to share their opinions. A full recap of the results can be found here. (MarketingProfs)

Company Culture and Remote Work

Since the start of the pandemic, just about every leadership team has faced challenges around company culture. After all, you’ve spent years building up an effective culture around your office, and many aspects of this culture just aren’t feasible with everyone working remotely. Of course, remote work doesn’t mean company culture is any less important—it just takes a little adapting. For example, here at Arketi we’ve taken our Summer Bucket of Fun and made it remote! Don’t let the pandemic sink your company culture. (Harvard Business Review)

Have you wondered exactly how the average workday has changed since lockdown? Well for one, employees are working an average of 48 minutes longer each day. It’s also no surprise that the number of emails we receive has also increased. Check out the full findings here. (World Economic Forum)


The Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2020 ranking has four American technology companies in the top spots. With the changes in our society, it’s no surprise that technology companies have promising futures and plenty of room to grow.  (MarketingProfs)

By Grant Tucker – August 21, 2020

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