Arketi Friday Flyer 8-14-20

Welcome to the Arketi Friday Flyer!

Here at Arketi, we are constantly evolving our tactics, part of which includes finding interesting articles, infographics, videos and more. And, we would like to bring these findings to you! In this regular news report, we will be sharing some of our favorite finds from the week focused around public relations, digital marketing, and all things B2B technology.


B2B Public Relations

What PR lessons can be learned from Joe Biden’s vice presidential candidate selection process? Well for one, timing is crucial to building suspense without making the audience tired of waiting. And a possible fake leak of Biden’s shortlist didn’t seem to hurt the attention levels either. (PR News)

Reporting ROI for earned media hits can be tricky. In fact, four in 10 communications pros indicate that they do not have a good sense of the impact of their efforts. This can be problematic when earned media coverage is arguably the most important metric to share with your leadership. Here are a few tips for solidifying your ROI story. (PR Week)

This is a bit of a fun one, but it’s the 32nd annual of Shark Week, and what better way to celebrate than analyzing the PR outcomes for… well… sharks! So, do the nonstop shark shows lead to more fears of these creatures or fascination? No matter which way you fall, the underlying message of conservation is undoubtedly important. (PR News)

B2B Marketing

If your B2B content were a product, would anybody buy it? That’s just one of the many things B2B marketers should keep in mind when creating B2B marketing content, plans and messages. Remember to always focus on the bigger picture and make that content relevant to a wider audience. (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog)

If marketing really is a science, it’s time to start experimenting! Whether you are gamifying your tradeshow booth or personalizing your stories to each customer, B2B companies can find success with experimental marketing. After all, experimental marketing is just a fancy term for being creative. (Marketing Profs)

Did you know that B2B marketers say blog posts are the highest performing type of content, followed closely by social media content and in-person events? Check out this infographic for some of the 2020 B2B marketing trends we are seeing.  (SocialMediaToday)


This year the Rockefeller Center in New York City opened a temporary art installation and invited artists from all over to design a flag that encompasses the city’s diverse culture and vibrant energy. The final 193 flags are as diverse as the artists who created them. (The Flag Project)

By Grant Tucker – August 14, 2020

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