Arketi Friday Flyer 8-28-20

Welcome to the Arketi Friday Flyer!

We had another exciting week here at Arketi! Besides our usual B2B marketing and B2B PR wins, we played trivia and published our August CORE. To add to the excitement, we have announced Arketi Labor Day ++. To counteract the extended work-from-home and promote mental health, we are taking a company holiday next Thursday and Friday ahead of Labor Day. Keep an eye out to see how we spend our 5-day weekend and enjoy this week’s Arketi Friday Flyer!


 B2B Marketing

As we work to generate compelling, authentic content, pooling resources across marketing and PR can lead to a single-minded message and greater efficiency. At Arketi, we all wear multiple hats, and we can all agree that a complete understanding of marketing and PR leads to more success! (The Drum: The final B2B frontier: PR and marketing integration)

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an essential tool for any B2B marketer, and good news, ABM is only becoming more successful as we head into 2021. Check out these three tips/tools for creating more conversations, and qualifying more leads. (MarketingProfs: A Six-Step Checklist for Planning Your Marketing Campaign)


B2B Public Relations

When it comes to B2B PR, no piece too big or too small. Whether you are putting your thought leader in front of target audiences or writing a news release, put yourself in the shoes of a stonemason… seriously. As Marc Whitt puts it, “Few will know or appreciate the hours it took to accomplish those successful efforts—but you will. After all, genuine effort in our profession is not about the me, but on the we.” (PR News: In PR, Let The Work be Your Signature)

When it comes to reporter interviews, there are so many variables to a perfect execution. Maybe the reporter just spilled their coffee and join the meeting late and flustered. Or maybe, your expert source forgot to review the briefing materials. Here are some tips for avoiding disastrous interviews. (PR News: Can You Create a Perfect Interview? PR Pros Tell You How)


Social Media

Here are ten ways to make B2B social media sound more friendly. No matter your industry, your social media posts can be compelling and attention-grabbing. (MarketingProfs: 10 Simple Tips and Tropes for Writing Engaging Social Media Copy)


Company Culture

We’re months into the biggest remote work experiment of our lifetimes, and for many, it’s going well. In fact, 82% of company leaders favor work-from-home for at least part of the workweek—even beyond the pandemic. However, it’s important to remember to keep mental health as a top priority. For one, employees are taking drastically less vacation time, so mandated time off can be a major motivation boost. Here at Arketi, we are a week away from celebrating Labor Day++, a new holiday where the office is closed for Labor day starting the Thursday before! (Fast Company: Why mentally healthy employees win over burnout)


Creative Corner

We like to end each Arketi Friday Flyer with a little creativity to keep the juices flowing. Here are some recent creative works on The Drum. Whether inspiring, though-provoking or simply pleasing, these creative works make a statement. (The Drum: Creative Works: including The New York Times, United Nations and McDonald’s)


By Grant Tucker – August 28, 2020

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