Arketi Friday Flyer 8-7-20

Welcome to the Arketi Friday Flyer!

Here at Arketi, we are constantly evolving our tactics, part of which includes finding interesting articles, infographics, videos and more. And, we would like to bring these findings to you! In this regular news report, we will be sharing some of our favorite finds from the week focused around public relations, digital marketing, and all things B2B technology.


Content Marketing

According to the 2020 State of Marketing report, video is more important than ever, beating out heavyweight contenders that include email, blogging and infographics. Interestingly, half of GenZ and Millennials say they don’t know how they’d get through life without video, with each generation watching more online videos than the last. Find out how video consumption is changing this year. (HubSpot)

Although more than 30 million companies have an official LinkedIn page, many marketers fail to include long-form articles into the mix. This report explains the benefits of sharing long-form articles, as well as a three-step LinkedIn content strategy for doing so. (MarketingProfs)

B2B Marketing

Lead generation is one of your B2B company’s most valuable assets. In fact, B2B companies implementing a mature lead generation process generate 133% more revenue than companies without a process. But there are some challenges to address, and this article includes strategies B2B leaders can apply to optimize the lead generation process. (MarketingProfs)

A strong B2B marketing campaign relies on quality data. And since about 65% of people are visual learners, data visualizations will make your marketing campaigns so much more impactful. Read on for four ways you can pack some punch into your next B2B marketing campaign by making data both more digestible and visually pleasing. (B2B News Network)

B2B Media Relations

Landing earned media placements has never been easy, but the global pandemic-related economic downturn makes it even more of a challenge. PR practitioners can get some practical advice from this article that provides three main areas that we need to adapt. (PRWeek)


Although total U.S. retail sales is expected to drop 10.5% this year because of the pandemic, eCommerce is poised to grow 18% following a 14.9% gain in 2019. And while channel shifting will likely subside as stores reopen and lockdowns end, behaviors like click-and-collect and curbside pickup will remain winners. Check out other trends expected in retail. (eMarketer)

Company Culture

Other than wearing masks and standing 6 feet apart, one of the trends COVID-19 is responsible for is working from home (WFH). According to a PRNews survey, 61% of respondents said WFH will remain even once the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror. This article highlights five things to consider going forward. (PR News)


By Grant Tucker – August 7, 2020

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