Arketi Friday Flyer 9-18-20

Welcome to the Arketi Friday Flyer!

Here at Arketi, we are constantly evolving our tactics, part of which includes finding interesting articles, infographics, videos and more. And, we would like to bring these findings to you! In this regular news report, we will be sharing some of our favorite finds from the week focused around public relations, digital marketing, and all things B2B technology.

B2B Public Relations

With more brands willing to work with micro-influencers and requesting for media kits before working with digital professionals, learning to create a strong media kit is of utmost importance. Here are some great ideas for your next media kit brainstorm! (Everything PR: 5 Unique Steps to Take When Making a Media Kit)


B2B Marketing

2020 has been tough for everyone. Hundreds of businesses have collapsed, and those left standing have had to grasp at every opportunity to drive interest and sales. Luckily, YouTube has become a valuable marketing option. It’s a relatively new and dynamic marketing channel, and it’s becoming essential. (MarketingProfs: 15 Tools to Boost Your YouTube Marketing)


Companies obsess over all the different types of cold outreach—cold-calling, cold email, cold social outreach, and others. But, as marketers, what do we really want? We want warm leads. That’s why we run webinars, produce content, and develop in-depth marketing funnels. Warm leads always out-convert cold leads for one reason: familiarity with your company. (BusinessInsights: Understanding the different types of sales leads)


Great marketing – consumer or B2B – is at its core, great storytelling. And every great story begins the same way, with the protagonist wanting something. Cinderella wanted freedom. Odysseus wanted to get home. Romeo wanted to marry Juliet. In great marketing, it’s the same. It’s about what the customer – not the brand – wants. And more importantly, what the customer wants to feel. This is a bit of a different line of thought than what we are used to. After all logical buying is what separates B2B from B2C, right? Worth the read. (The Drum: Brands are wasting 95% of their B2B marketing: business marketing in a personal world)


What does it take for a global B2B brand to succeed today? SAP’s Alicia Tillman, who was named by Forbes as one of the most influential CMOs in the world, shares her actionable insights that will help marketers lead the way forward during this moment and beyond. (The Drum: 3 Actionable Insights with… SAP global CMO Alicia Tillman)



As Internet penetration increases and more facets of day-to-day life expand into digital channels, the scale of data being generated online every minute is breathtaking. Here’s a quick infographic. (MarketingProfs: The Stunning Amount of Data Generated Online Every Minute)

By Grant Tucker – September 18, 2020

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